Running My First Half Marathon

So I did it!!! Yay!! I almost don’t know what else to say… Running my first half marathon.

It was HARD. haha! Not that I was expecting it to be easy, but I think I overcame a lot of challenges (mental and physical) in the race.

First off I was kind of bummed at the start because I was running it alone. Uh, you thought I would have realized that before then, but it was hard to see a lot of people “buddied up.” It made me miss my runner buddies—Becca, Alisha, and Beth. 🙁

Okay so then we were off and things were great.  Then around mile 4 I decided to turn on Nate’s dinosaur of an iriver, but the iriver was sick and could only sing one song. One song. I considered chucking it at the nearest abandoned building.

Then around mile 6 the blister pain became noticeable.  It is not a good thing when you are start to wonder, “Maybe I should get new shoes” at mile 6 of a 13.1 mile run. I pushed on.  My legs felt really good though! It was just my stinkin’ feet! (Pun intended.)

I found my rhythm and began to incorporate walking every 1/2 mile or so.  It was so incredibly painful to run.  Then we were at 10 miles.  And then there were only two miles left.  I kept telling myself running two miles was easy.  At mile 12 I began to work my running mantras: the spiritual one, “The Lord is my strength and my song; and the funny one, “I see pride, I see power, I see a bad @$$ mother who won’t take no crap of off nobody.”

And then people started telling us we were close.  “It was just around the corner.” And then it was!  Amazing!!! I could see it! And then I ran to it! 😀

Thanks so much to everyone who was cheering me on! Your prayers and support, even at a distance meant so much.  And a thank you to Nathan Allen Scott, my sweet, amazing husband, who has put up with my long runs, whining, random stats, and for coming this morning to cheer me on—you mean the world to me babe!

Running My First Half Marathon was an adventure and quite the experience! And yes, I definitely see another half and a full marathon in my future.  And maybe even a tri—I just have to get over my fear of drowning. 😉

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  1. So somehow I missed the fact that the last one was a 10 miler… I thought that one was a half. Good job though on both!

    And thanks for mentioning me… yay! Blog love. Wish I could have run with you too… the distance the 36 weeks pregnant thing really shouldn't have held me back, right?

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