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14 Week Pregnancy Update

Hey guys! I think I’m maybe back to posting 5 days a week, maybe, just maybe. Winking smile  Anyways, I wanted to give you an update on the little baby I’m growing. So here we go with the 14 Week Pregnancy Update!

How big is the baby? Gosh, I’m not sure anymore I’m doing horrible at checking my pregnancy app! After looking at the app it tells me my baby is the size of a lemon! And it’s face is defined well enough to make expressions like squinting or frowning. So sweet!

How’s mom feeling? Pretty good! I still have some nausea that comes and goes but better and having a bit more energy. I’m starting to notice my stomach poking out more, but I’m probably the only one that can notice at this point, especially since I have been avoiding anything tight. I’ve also been working the unsnapped jeans held together with a ponytail tie. #classy  I should probably go browse some maternity clothes sometime here soon, but I’m making it work for now.


Weight gain/loss? I’m holding steady at my starting weight 155. Overall it was a good week with healthy eating—I gave up on calorie counting after a few days and focused instead on getting 4-5 fruits and veggies a day and hitting my calcium requirement.

Days exercised last week? 3! My goal was four but I was pretty happy with three! The end of last week my stomach started acting up and then I spent all day Friday on my feet canning which has to count for something!


(Photo from my walk Thursday evening.)

Any thoughts on a name? Ugh. No. We just cycle around and then I don’t like them and there isn’t a name for either gender that really speaks to me. But until we know the gender I feel like there’s no point struggling through two names—might as well just wait until we know if it’s a boy or girl and then do half the work!

Reading anything interesting? I have read most of On Becoming Baby Wise which was pretty informative. I feel like I would like to stick to a schedule like that, but at the same time I’m not sure how realistic it may or may not be. I feel like it’s easy to say “this is how we’ll do things” or “I’ll never do that” before you have kids, but in reality I am completely clueless. ha! I have an idea of how I want things to go, but I’ll take them as they come. I’m sure God will give me the strength and wisdom when the time comes.

Any other news? I’ve been having crazy dreams! I ALWAYS have super psychedelic dreams but of course pregnancy is making them even more wacked than normal. I had a dream last week that I was taking care of our baby (it was a little boy in jean overalls and dark hair) and talking and playing with him—you know classic sweet mom dream—when suddenly the baby morphed into the alien from American Dad! Uh, weird! I think I was so freaked out I just immediately stopped dreaming. lol!  I woke up thinking “Oh my gosh we’re having a boy cause I dreamed it” and then I remembered about the alien thing and laughed at myself. I don’t think it means anything other than I have crazy dreams! haha!

What do you think are maternity essentials?

What baby names do you love?

Ever had any crazy dreams—pregnancy related or not?

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    1. Jackson was the first boy name I liked, but then I kind of changed my mind…maybe I’ll come back around to it. lol!

  1. Hey,

    I would echo the Happiest Baby on the Block book. We read it before Harrison was born, but we didn’t try all the techniques until Harrison was maybe 2 months old and still crying all night. It worked like a charm. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL BOOK!

    I’m going to warn about Baby Wise, while scheduling within reason can be good. The book seems to advocate a really hard core schedule that most doctors say isn’t really healthy for a baby if it’s not viewed with flexibility. Also, I don’t know if you’re going to breastfeed, but being on a super strict feeding schedule can really really hurt your milk supply. Soooo…anyway, that’s my thoughts on Baby Wise. Like I said I’m sure that some of it in moderation is fine, but I’d tread carefully. However, you have to find what works well for you and your family. (When in doubt go with your God-given instinct.)

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