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25 Best Devotional Apps for Moms

If you’re a busy mom you may struggle to get into God’s Word on a regular basis. Instead of being distracted on social media on your phone, you can choose to spend time in God’s Word with daily readings, audio Bibles, and daily reminders to get into the Word of God and grow your faith!

While there are many options to choose from these are some favorite apps that are a great way to learn and grow anyplace you have your phone.

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Free Bible Apps

Many of these apps are completely free to use! Some do have paid features and upgrades, but overall you can get really robust Bible study apps without having to spend a dime.

You can find all of these apps for iphone or android in your app store. I have tried to note pricing of each apps when it was available.

The 25 Best Bible Apps for the Christian Mom

1. Youversion Bible App

This is a great app with daily verses, Bible reading plans (both topical and expository aka Book by book), a variety of Bible translations to read the actual Bible from, and verse lookup feature or topical search. Youversion is the all around best Bible study app!

You can also add prayer requests either privately to keep track of on your own or to be shared with your friends.

Plans can range from large annual chronological Bible studies to short 5-7 day topical devotionals.

2. She Reads Truth App

One of the first women’s devotional app I ever used and for good reason! The creators use both Scripture reading, devotional writing, and community interaction on theme or Bible book studies to help guide you through your quiet time with Jesus. They also have printed material available for Lent and Christmas devotionals.

she reads truth devotional app screenshot

Although they have a few free Bible studies, most studies cost a small amount $1.99-$2.99 and sample pages are free. The app also has graphics and social media sharing options to spread the message of what you are reading.

3. The Study Bible

This paid app ($5.99) has all of the study notes as a John MacArthur study Bible which is great for when you really want to dig deep into the text in your quiet time. It also has bookmarking features and audio Bible option so you can read the entire Bible in a variety of ways.

4. The Apple Podcast App

There are so many great podcasts to grow your faith! Of course, you can listen on your favorite podcasting app. Three of my favorites are…

If you want more help in growing your faith check out my free Vibrant Mom Starter Guide. In 10 minutes you can have my best practical pathways to creating more joy and purpose in your everyday moments.

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5. Spotify App

I use the Spotify app to create and listen to worship playlists. I love to close my time in God’s Word by listening to music.

Or I use a worship playlist to reset my heart (and my kids hearts) and home when we are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, crazy, and just in a funk. Here are a couple of my favorite worship playlists and albums…

The Best Bible Study Apps

Bible app open on an actual Bible

6. Blue Letter Bible app

I love the Blue Letter Bible for digging deep into the original language of the Bible as I’m reading.

If you’re ready to dive into the original meaning of the Hebrew and Greek words, cross reference what you’re reading with other parts of the Bible and get sermon notes from all over the world– this is the deep dive online Bible study tool for you! And it’s absolutely free!

My favorite way to use Blue Letter Bible is to research the original meaning of Hebrew and Greek words! Normally looking at these words can help clear up confusion and expand the meaning of so many passages.

7. Bible Gateway

I like Bible Gateway the most for comparing different translations of the same Bible verse! Because we know some words are tricky to translate from the original language into English seeing how the different Bible versions interpret the verse helps us grasp the original intent better.

It’s a great way to search Bible verses topically as well like if you were looking for Bible Verses About Hope, for example.

8. Bible Project App

This is an awesome new app from the Bible Project. They have a great podcast and website already with awesome visual explanations of Bible books, word studies, and themes.

This is a great tool for learning and expanding your faith in a really easy to understand way! Although it doesn’t have as much content for daily devotions, they are adding more every day and it’s a great way to supplement what you are reading and learning.

Bible project app screenshot

9. Logos Bible App

This is one of the most robust Bible study apps out there! This is built for pastors and Bible students, but don’t let that intimidate you! It has a lot of free features as well as the option to buy and access Bible commentaries and resources all online.

If you’re wanting a study Bible or even short seminary class equivalent in a handy app–this is for you, mama theologian.

10. Not Just Words App

When you can’t quite think of the verse you want to remember Not Just Words will help comb through all the translations and find it! It uses a thesaurus and smart search to find just the Bible verse you were trying to remember.

This is also great to search topically for Scripture especially when you are doing Scripture Journaling and you want to write out all the verses on kindness, for example. You can also set up daily reading plans within this app!

Best Daily Devotional Apps for Moms

woman in gray sweatshirt stands outside reading bible app

11. Jesus Calling

This app has daily readings written just as if Jesus was speaking directly to you taken from the popular devotional book , Jesus Calling.

Since this essentially the book accessed via a daily app, it is not free, but well worth it if you find yourself not wanting to bring the devotional book with you or needing a mobile option.

12. Our Daily Bread

I grew up with the small, monthly Our Daily Bread booklets filled with a Bible verse and short devotional reading. The app simple moves the method of receiving Our Daily Bread devotionals into your pocket on your smartphone.

The readings are short and easy to apply to your everyday life. And there is also the option to listen to the reading as opposed to reading it–perfect for mom life! The app also has topical Bible reading plans and the app is completely free!

13. Beloved Women App

“You are loved” reminds this Women’s devotional app as you open it everyday.

With video series, Bible studies and podcasts all ready to access in easily consumable ways this is a great devotional app for the woman looking to grow her faith through solid Bible teaching from godly women. Most of the content on this app is paid, but a free trial is available.

14. Glorify

Glorify is another favorite app where you can find “bite-sized Bible readings, curated devotionals, reflections and prayers.” It also has a prayer list you can use to keep track of your prayer life and share requests with friends. The Glorify app also has a tracker where you can create streaks and goals for your faith journey–which I absolutely love!

This is a paid monthly ($6.99) or annual subscription ($47.99) app with free trials available.

glorify app devotional app screenshot

15. Daily Prayer

This liturgical app is based in the church calendar and the book of common prayer. This app places I high emphasis on keeping distractions to a minimum while you are using the app, so you won’t see any ads and can enable notifications to prompt you to read at set times.

Each reading has an opening prayer, Scripture, guided prayer and liturgy to pray and read through.

Each day has up to four prayers: Morning prayer, Midday Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Late Evening Prayer. This app is aligned with the Anglican church, but is a resource for Christians of any denomination.

16. Pause App

The Pause App is for meditation and refocusing as you listen and repeat Scripture and prayers. This app was actually recommended to me by my therapist to help with anxiety. I love that there are different lengths of meditations and they incorporate Bible verses along with guided prayer.

When stress rises, this app can help you pause and recenter yourself on the truth of God’s Word.

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17. First Five

This app by Proverbs 31 Women is intended to help women spend the first five minutes of their day with the Lord. Each day includes Bible readings and a short devotional to encourage you and take action on.

18. Verses App

This fun and simple app helps you easily memorize God’s Word with interactive games! Such a brilliant idea that helps motivate you to hide the Bible in your heart.

verses app screenshot

Audio Bibles Apps

19. Youversion App

It bears repeating that the Youversion app is also an audio Bible! When you are in the Bible reading function, you can click the small speaker icon in the top right to listen to the Bible in a regular or dramatized version. This feature is awesome to keep up with your Bible reading plan when you don’t have time to sit down and open your actual Bible or daily Bible devotion to read!

20. Pray As You Go App

This is a free app with daily devotionals, music, audio Bible reading, and reflections you can listen to on the go. Perfect for busy moms in preschool pick up lines or to use while driving to work or while washing dishes. This app is perfect for daily reminders to fix your eyes on Jesus for Christian women on the go.

21. Dwell App

Have Scripture read over you with this app that features multiple versions and voices. You can have your favorite verses read over you or themed playlists that speak to specific issues you’re experiences. This audio app also has tools to help you meditate and memorize Scripture as well.

There is a 7 day free trial and then an annual subscription is $39.99.

22. Bible.is

This app is a ministry of Faith Comes By Hearing and is an audio Bible with high quality dramatization and available in over 1500 languages! You can also watch Bible stories turned to video that are still a word by word translation of the Bible. Perfect for car trips or for sharing with your little ones who aren’t reading yet.

23. The Chosen App

Enjoy these high quality dramatizations of Jesus life and ministry straight from your phone. I love to prop these up and watch while I’m folding laundry. It’s amazing how alive the Scriptures come!

These 15 best devotional apps for moms can help you grow your faith no matter how busy your life is.

Devotional Apps for the Family

24. Bible for Kids

As a mom you want your kids to learn the Bible too and this app is perfect for sharing Bible stories with kids. It’s animated stories bring the Bible to life in sequential order and have fun activities that go along with each story. You may just learn something new too! I’d much rather my kids engage with this app while we’re waiting at the doctor’s or in a restaurant.

screenshot from the Bible for kids

25. Superbook Bible App for Kids

This is a super dynamic and interactive app with videos, stories, audio Bible and more! My kids really love playing and learning on this app.

If you are looking for more tools to grow your faith check out…

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large graphic 25 best devotional apps for moms with woman reading Bible and Bible app on bed in background

I hope these 25 devotional apps for moms helps you grow in your faith no matter how hectic life gets. Jesus is always WITH YOU–in the pickup line, as you run errands, and do household chores–you can always draw near to Him.

And these apps just make it easier!

What app that you love is missing from this list? Share it in the comments!

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