16 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Well hello! Hard to believe we are at 4 months! Pregnancy is going slow and fast at the same time.

What’s going on with the baby?

Our little munchkin is 4.6 inches, the size of an avocado according to my pregnancy app—but I think an orange is bigger than an avocado so all this fruit sizing is getting a little weird. I’m waiting to feel some movement—I thought maybe I felt something last week, but maybe it was just indigestion. lol! I’m excitedly waiting though!

16 week pregnancy update

What’s going on with mom?

I’m feeling good! My energy is returning and I’m really excited about the month of September. I’m going away a few weekends and I have the feeling it will really fly!

Weight gain? +2—Finally! I ran into a friend at the grocery store and I told her my goal this week was to gain some weight! Haha! So I bought some trail mix. I’m also sure all the yummy goodies in Chicago couldn’t hurt either. lol! Truthfully though I’m glad I’m gaining slowly—it helps me adjust to the changes going on physically and it can’t hurt when it comes to the stretch mark department. Winking smile

yummy treats

How’s exercise going?

Last week I got 2 strength workouts, 1 running workout, and two walks in. Not too shabby. So far this week I’ve walked a TON on Monday and Tuesday and did a great workout last night. I saw it somewhere—I have no idea where—on the interwebs. It was:

30 deadlifts

20 dumbbell swings

30 second plank

1/4 mile run

Repeat 4 times. I was a sweaty girl by the time it was done!  I didn’t do it straight through but took plenty of breaks to keep my heart rate from getting too high.

Pregnancy workout


Any interesting purchases?

Oh yeah, totally! We bought a jogging stroller last week! We got a great deal on Craigslist for a used Baby Trend jogger. It’s actually the whole travel system so it came with an infant carseat and a two attachments. I don’t think we’re going to use it as a carseat, but it’s great to have for the stroller so I can use it sooner (hopefully). Now I just need to rustle up an old baby doll from my mom’s and practice steering!  We are starting to accumulate quite the little baby corner.

baby goodies

It’s fun to get started on this little adventure. I’m kind of addicted to researching baby things on amazon. haha!

When did you first feel your baby move?

What was your BEST baby purchase or something you know a friend loves?

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  1. Yay fun! I’m liking your pregnancy updates. 🙂
    First felt Ellie at 22 weeks.
    First felt baby #2 at 18 weeks. (I think… maybe 16? Wow baby brain…)

    There are lots of cool baby gagets out there, but I think the best investment we made was resuable diapers (Bum Genius brand) when we had Ellie.
    Not for everyone… 🙂 They are labor intensive and can be gross of course. Having a big laundry sink to rinse them out before washing was helpful though.
    But, the $$ we saved was astronomical. And now we can use them again for baby #2 and save even more money. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I am 90% sure we are going to do cloth. My sister-in-law and a couple friends use them and really like them too. What tipped us that close was comparing the cost. I don’t think we knew babies pooped that much! lol!

  2. I felt baby move at about 17 weeks. It felt like something was tugging on my belly button from the inside. LoL. Weird way to describe it, but thats the best I can do! I have the baby trend jogger and I LOVE IT. I never used it with a carseat since mine didnt fit, but my LO rode in it at just a few weeks old around the neighborhood so i could walk a bit each day. That is one of my favorite baby items. I also really love the Halo Sleep Sack once your baby is done with swaddling. Baby C is still in hers at 15 months and will be as long as I can keep her in it height wise since it deters her from trying to climb out of the crib. She is extra tall, but in the sleep sack she cant move her legs far apart enough to try to hike one up and over the crib wall!

    1. Oh yeah! I have heard wonderful things about swaddling and sleep sacks! I will definitely keep this brand in mind! That’s so smart to use it to keep her from climbing out!

        1. Oohh. Nice! Definitely going on the registry! I’ve noticed most people seem to feel later with their first and earlier after that…interesting…

  3. I felt Eli around 21 weeks and the other two a little earlier. It’s so exciting!!!

    There are so many fun things for babies, but we definitely have our list if favorites and necessities. I will hook you up with our must haves once you know what you are having :). Two things I have LOVED are my nursing cover and my changing pad. I hated the silly ugly plastic travel pads, so we got one on Etsy that is fabric and can fold or roll up.

  4. I felt one baby at 17 weeks, one at 19 weeks. Two best baby-related items we got were a hospital-quality breast pump and a sling. First baby I was working out of the home and loved having a good pump. Second baby loved to be held all the time, and the sling helped me to hold him while being able to do things with my hands. Looking back, I think babies, and children, (well, probably all of us) need a lot less stuff than we might think. 🙂 Good luck!

    1. I agree! It can be completely overwhelming because there is SO much stuff. One of my friends has a moby wrap and really likes it–what type of sling did you use?

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