18 Week Pregnancy Update

Here we are at 18 weeks! Woot! I’m so happy to be inching forward…figuratively and literally. Ha!

What’s Happening with Baby?

Our baby is starting to hear sounds like my heartbeat and stomach growling. Our little one is about the size of a sweet potato as well.  I was so excited to hear our baby’s heartbeat yesterday at my Centering Pregnancy class. It was fast and strong. Plus we got to hear when it was kicking. Our little one is pretty active. Smile I still haven’t felt him/her moving yet, but it was reassuring to hear it moving around in there and it’s little heart beating strong. Let’s my mama’s heart rest at ease. (sorry for the crazy eyes and spots on the mirror—this is real life you guys.)


What’s Happening with Mom?

Well I am up a total of 7 pounds at 18 weeks. I’ve also noticed a bit of back pain and feet swelling if I’m walking around a lot (like I was this weekend). It’s an interesting feeling for me, whose (mostly) always been able to do anything I set my mind to, to need to rest on a day of just walking around shopping.


What happened during your Centering Pregnancy class?

Well after we all got weighed, blood pressure checked, and heard heartbeats. We actually did some prenatal yoga for a half hour. The hospital has a staff member who teaches yoga, especially focusing on ways to use yoga to relieve common pregnancy discomforts like back pain, heartburn, and feet/toe swelling. It was very effective and a great reminder that I need to get back into yoga! After our yoga “class” we took general questions and I learned that insurance companies in Michigan are required to cover a breast pump for expectant mothers who plan to breastfeeding Um, interesting and go Michigan! What a great encouragement for mom’s to breastfeed.

Anything else?

Well we added a few things to the “baby stockpile” thanks to my mom! We now have a Bumpo and tray, plus a cute little hat. My mom also got a boy bib, girl bib, and gender neutral bib for the baby at the Country Living Fair. lol! It was so hard to buy not knowing what we’re having. My plan is we get all the big stuff and “re-usables” in gender neutral colors and everything else get’s to be boy or girl. That’s the plan anyway. Winking smile 

Yoga—fan or not?

Do you think it would be helpful/encouraging for a breast pump to be covered by insurance in your state?

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    1. Aren’t they the best! I’ve worn them right to the brink the past 4 years…I’m researching their replacements since I know they’re on their last leg. Har-har.

    1. Yeah, I’d like to take an “official” class too. The teacher did send us home with instructions for a 20 minute workout that I’m going to keep up with (at least that’s the plan anyways!)

  1. Aweeee you look adorable!!! 🙂 Travis and I have already said we don’t want to know the baby’s gender when we get to that point.

    1. I feel like I would literally explode if I didn’t know! haha! But I suppose if you are already committed to that then it would be easier. 🙂

  2. Hello!

    I’ve signed up for a prenatal yoga class, it is glorious.. had my first one last week, it’s so nice to be around other pregnant ladies who know what you’re going through…
    My lower back has also been bothering me.. my trick: hot water bottle between my back and snoogle (pregnancy pillow) before I go to sleep.. it’s glorious! But I’m hoping the yoga and aquafit will help too 🙂 (first aqua fit class is this week).

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