My 2015 Goals

Hey there and Happy New Year! We had a great time celebrating at our camp’s New Year’s Conference! There is lots of fun and silly times, but also time for reflection and setting goals as a family. My parents came up for the conference and they were sweet enough to hold down the fort so I could be with Nate at the midnight balloon drop!

Then yesterday morning we enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast followed by worship and communion. Although it was work for Nate, I love starting our year with this conference! Just so much fun and such a great way to start the year–focusing on Christ and spending time with family! #yes #lovecamp

Anyways…I thought I would fill you in on the goals I chose for 2015. I used the printable I created to fill in a variety of different goals. For the full breakdown of how I choose awesome goals see this post.

2015 Goal Worksheet
To download: Right click, save as picture, open in photo viewer, print full size or 8 1/2 x11.

Spiritual Goals:

  • Begin a prayer journal to record prayer requests and answered prayer. (I used to do this, and it is so encouraging to look back and see God’s faithfulness.)
  • Spend time in the Word everyday. (Something I’ve been doing and want to continue.)

Relational Goals:

  • Keep up with biweekly date nights with Nate. (Yay dates! At home dates count too.)
  • Deepen friendships and reach out to new people. (Why is this so hard? #introvertstruggles)

My 2015 Goals

Physical Goals:

  • Lose 30 pounds (Back to pre-pregnancy weight; I’d like to be halfway there by Layla’s first birthday)
  • Run another 1/2 Marathon (I have my eye on the Borgess, but I might do one earlier too.)

 Professional Goals: 

  • 50% pageview increase (So tell your friends and share the posts you love! :D)
  • Earn $500 a month from blog (My goal last year was to earn $50 a  month; this year I’d like to explore other forms of income like more affiliate sales and private ad sales.)

Financial Goals:

  • Save $8,000 (This is a lofty, but I still think attainable, goal. #davetheramsey #livelikenoonelse)


  • Get crafty! (I used to do a lot of hand crafts when I was younger…I’d maybe like to do at least 4 crafty projects this year.)
  • Go on vacation. Like a real “just us” vacation. (This is the year.)

Excellence is a habit


I love this quote: “You are what you repeatedly do; excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” Each of these awesome goals won’t take place by accident. It is going to take intentionality and follow through. I like to break my goals down into monthly goals and then try to build weekly goals that all funnel into those, but that takes work, no doubt. If I was going to choose one word for my year it would be: INTENTION.

live with intention



Being proactive and intentional is my overall goal this year. Nothing worth having happens by accident.

So those are my 2015 goals!

Do you have big goals for 2015? Do you like to set specific goals or go for a big overall theme? (Clearly, I am an overachiever as I do both. Haha!) What did you do for New Years?


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  1. Great goal’s! I love the Aristotle quote! That is one if my favorites. It’s so awesome how it puts our success in our own hands, good luck this year 🙂

  2. Intention is a great word. I am starting every day with an intention and some gratitude. I love your quote, you are what you believe! <3

  3. Great goals! Setting new goals is one of my favorite things about a new year!

    You can accomplish anything you set your mind to do!

    Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday 🙂

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