2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on a Budget

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If you like higher end pieces of clothing and shoes Nordstrom is having their annual anniversary sale and you can get some great deals on investment pieces! My favorite pair of booties (similar) are from the sale a couple years ago and I’m hear to tell you they have held up beautifully for 4 years and still going strong! I don’t often buy expensive pieces, but timeless shoes and boots are well worth it to me! I’m hoping to get a black pair of booties this year too!

Kate in spring outfit
Favorite booties SEEN HERE!!

I also asked my sister to weigh in on some of her favorite staple pieces since she is more of a high end shopper than I am! Our picks are below, but first I’ve got a few tips on how to approach the sale for you!

How to Budget for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

In an ideal world I would put $20 from my blow money every month into a little envelope or jar or Ally bank account and NEVER EVER raid it to pay a babysitter and then I’d have a nice little budget to go shop for some staple wardrobe pieces from Nordstroms.

As it is, I get a monthly budget for clothes and personal spending money aka blow money each month and I save the month before and the month after sometimes too 🙈 to use towards the Nordstrom anniversary sale.

Be FIRM about your budget. Write it down. Even $200 will go quickly at Nordstrom!

What to buy on a budget at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I generally choose 1 or 2 high quality, staple wardrobe items to update or add to my wardrobe from the sale. To read more about creating a capsule wardrobe so you don’t buy aimlessly check out this post!

I generally look for shoes since a quality pair of shoes will last a long time, make any outfit look better, and keep me comfortable! Along with a new pair of shoes I may look at replacing something I already love with a higher quality, well reviewed option, or looking for a gap in my wardrobe that needs filled.

I write or note what I want to get in order of my highest to least priority on a piece of paper or the Notes section of my iphone

This year for me that would look like:

  • Pair of waterproof black booties
  • Cute top for speaking at church
  • Statement print cardigan
  • Medium purse (OH MY GOSH I get to carry a purse again and it is glorious!! bye-bye diaper bags!)
  • Christmas presents — I want to keep my eye out for Christmas and birthday presents!

How to NOT Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Do NOT, I repeat do NOT open a Nordstrom credit card and put everything you want on it. I know you will want to do this–Nordstrom definitely wants you to do this–but DON’T! You are smarter than that!

If you have a clothing budget and you want to open a card for early access and reward points, and you always pay off your credit card balance — go for it!! There is nothing inherently wrong or evil about credit cards, but know yourself! Okay, getting off the soapbox!

How do I take part in the sale?

The sale is currently only open to credit card holders (I am not one of those), but it opens to the general public on July 19! You can sneak a peek and get your cart ready now even if you aren’t a cardholder!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Budget Picks for Busy Moms

Tops & Sweaters

Long leopard cardigan – I love this for a pop of pattern in my cardigan rotation! And BP cardigans are notoriously soft! Double sister pick!

Suede drape jacket – I really love this jacket! It’s different than anything else in my wardrobe, but would go with everything! I also don’t think this is a jacket -jacket, more like a sweater in terms of weight!

Super cozy and fuzzy pullover — This just speaks cozy fall language to me!

Faux leather moto jacket — You would be cooler than cool in this jacket.

Purses & Accessories

Faux leather crossbody bag — Gosh this purse is cute!! Becca and I both have it on our list!

Faux leather tote — I like the classic shape of this bag! Definitely a staple and perfect for carrying my planner and “work stuff” to work at coffee shops like the cool mom I am! OK this is sold out ALREADY!!! 😭

Statement Stud earrings — Oh gosh, these are cute and would make a great gift!!

Simple Pendant necklace — I have this necklace and it is beautiful and goes with so much! A simple and beautiful piece!


Waterproof Suede Boots — Booties with a touch of Western! I think these will go soo fast!! They are so cute!

Waterproof classic Booties — These cute booties are super similar to the pair I got 4 years ago and have worn all the time! One of my best and most favorite purchases EVER!!

I’m really into these super cute flats and tall (definite investment!), dark and handsome boots!

Pants & Leggings

Black Spanx Faux Leather Leggings — My FAV LEGGINGS EVER!! Dress them up or down! Super comfy and Super flattering – wore them to Christmas Eve, brunch, grocery shopping, literally everything!

Nike Dry Tempo Run Shorts — Favorite shorts for working out! Underwear underneath are comfy – and don’t dig in(if you know what. I mean)

Dark wash skinny jeans – – I have had these jeans for 3 years – NO HOLES, NO STRETCHING, They fit like a GLOVE!! I originally got mine in my stitch fix box – probably going to go buy like 40 pairs

Make up

Nars Satin Lip Pencil Set — Favorite Becca lipstick – actually lasts! Isn’t sticky or slimy! Has a matte finish! I’ve had my original 2 for 2-3 years – you just need a sharpener!

It’s been SO fun virtually shopping the sale! I wish I was adding ALL these to my cart, but I’ve got a budget! I’ll definitely let you know what I pull the trigger on when the sale opens up to the general public!

Which of these would you pick!? Do you tend to shop high end or lower end clothing?

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