22 Ways to Move More

Exercise doesn’t have to be work and living an active lifestyle (even outside of your official “gym time”) can really add to your happiness, energy levels, and stress relief, plus a little extra movement never hurt the waistline, right? So here are 22 ways to move more–all day, every day!

22 ways to move more

1. Take the stairs.

2. Do pushups while playing on the floor with your kids (or puppy, or kitty).

3. Take an after-dinner stroll (baby-wearing optional).

Walking with baby

4. Bike to work.

5.  Push mow, weed flower beds, rake leaves, shovel snow. (Bonus points if you do the neighbors too!)

6. Circle the office before getting your morning coffee at work.

7. ¬†Play with your kids on the playground—race, play tag, do the monkey bars, chase them around!

8. Do housework like sweeping, mopping, dusting, scrubbing windows. (Your house will look soo good too!)

9. Explore a downtown area on foot.

Chicago Weekend Getaway

10. Visit a new park.

11. Randomly incorporate exercises into your day…do squats while waiting for the microwave, do a plank before bed.

12. Get your coffee to go and stroll while you sip.

13. Take an extra lap around the grocery store before ending your shopping trip. (Don’t have to tell me twice at Target!)

14. Go dancing.

15. Coach a little league or soccer or girls on the run group–you’ll have fun and you can be active!

16. Turn on some music and shake it!

17. When watching tv find a “workout for your show”. Like doing 5 burpees for every time Castle makes a sci-fi joke. Here’s a whole Pinterest board for them!

18. Join a team or group–bowling league, softball, basketball, running groups–they make a great place to be social AND active.

19. Plant a garden. Weed it. Hoe it. Eat it.

20. Take girls night out to a yoga studio.

21. Play Wii sports, X-box Kinect, or good, old fashioned twister.

22. Go outside and play! Soccer, kickball, catch, frisbee, disc golf, tennis, hopscotch, jump rope, skip–rediscover the kid within and get moving!

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  1. These are great tips! I love that you don’t have to do a crazy workout to be active; little changes like taking the stairs or doing lunges while brushing your teeth make a difference. Have a great weekend!

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