25 Reminders for First Time Kindergarten Parents

Are you getting ready to send that baby off to school for the first time? Here are a few things as a first time kindergarten parent I’m going to be telling myself over and over on the first day of school….hopefully these reminders  will  encourage you too.

25 Reminders for the First Day of Kindergarten for Parents

  1. The first day does not have to go perfectly to be a good day. 🌈
  2. It’s awesome to have first day of school traditions, but it’s okay if you don’t too! You get to choose what kind of first day you want to have for YOUR unique family!mom and dad with three kids eating ice cream outdoors
  3. His outfit is perfect and she’s adorable.
  4. Double check that she ACTUALLY brushed her teeth.
  5. Don’t forget to get the first day of school picture! 📸 #butpleasedontuseflash
  6. Bonus points if you get a great picture with letterboard or chalk board or something cutesy from Pinterest.
  7. Double bonus points if you get one WITH your kid!small boy holds back to school sign next to a brick wall
  8. If you get an ok picture or an outright bad one that’s all right. You can try for the instagram-worthy one next week when things have calmed down and emotions aren’t running so high. And DO share the bad one…..we all need reminded that everyone else is struggling too. 🙌🏼
  9. Yes, it all went by in a blink. She was a baby just a second ago. *cue sobs*
  10. You will find a routine–this will all get easier and less dramatic as the year goes on. But it’s okay that today is full of stress and big feelings for the kids and grown ups alike.
  11. Pray often for your child. When you have a worry or fear–change it into a prayer and surrender them to God.
  12. It’s okay if you cry a lot today. 😭
  13. It’s okay if you don’t cry at all! 🥳 #woohooo #freedomfor6hours #unpaidchildcarefor6hours 
  14. Your little one is a gift to the world on loan from God. Look out world!Layla cleaning helper
  15. It’s ok to be nervous — will she find her way? will he make friends? who will play with her at recess?
  16. Your child’s teacher is probably having a long, exciting, bundle of emotions day too. They need your prayers as well! 👩‍🏫
  17. They made it through! Give them a big hug when you see them!!
  18. When they get home LISTEN to what they want to tell you. It will probably be different than the details you want to hear, but just listenmom in red shirt walks with small blonde soccer player with another kid on her hip
  19. Naps are very important. Very important.
  20. Snacks are very important. Very important.
  21. Check the backpack. Transfer dates or notes to the family calendar. Text spouse important dates so they can add to their calendar. This is something you do now because you have a schoool-aged child! 🤯photo of family together at church
  22. Did you do enough? Did you cherish them enough? Yes, yes you did. There were days worth cherishing and days worth forgetting but you loved them and parented them the best you knew how on each and every one of those days.
  23. You will keep loving them enough and cherishing them enough tomorrow too. 🥰 Mom guilt is for suckers.
  24. Keep (or start) a normal bedtime routine. End the day with snuggles, book reading, songs, and kisses.
  25. The first day does not have to go perfectly to be a good day. 🌈

Cherish today, mama! Your first day as a first time kindergarten parent will be gone in a heartbeat. 

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25 reminders for your child's first day of school

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