29 Week Pregnancy Update

Hey there! Wow! I can’t believe it’s time for another update already with a week away at Thanksgiving and this week coming back to a nasty cold time has really gotten away from me! (The dirty dishes on my counter can attest to that!)

What’s Going on with Baby?

Baby girl is quite mobile off and on during the day and between 11-12 at night. It’s reassuring to feel her bump around inside me, although still a little weird at times when she get’s lodged in an unusual spot. She was measuring right on track at our last appointment and her heartbeat was perfect. She’s over 2.5 pounds right now and 15 inches long (about the size of a butternut squash they say).


What’s Going On with Mom?

Well this whole week I have been fighting a nasty cold. On Wednesday I went to the Dr’s and they prescribed me a Z-pack because of all the congestion that had built up in my lungs. I’m feeling better after having taken it for a few days, but still not 100%. It literally wiped me. We still have unpacking to do, dishes to wash, laundry to fold, NOTHING has happened for Christmas yet; I sure as heck haven’t had energy to workout and we’ve ate frozen or takeout pizza twice this week. Real life ya’ll. The cold has had zero effect on baby girl, except I think my constant coughing has kept her moving more.

Also, I have been having some indigestion and heartburn, but nothing crazy and nothing the past week since I’ve been sick. The 13 hour drive back from Arkansas last week wasn’t pleasant but it wasn’t unbearable either; I just brought a plethora of pillows to use for support and changed positions as needed. Plus we had to stop every couple hours for me to pee anyways so lots of chances to get out and move around. Smile

Anything Else?

When we were in Arkansas Nate’s mom got out some of Nate’s baby pictures for us to look at. He was such a cutie! It’ll be so fun to see what our little miss looks like when she get’s here!


I’m getting excited for my two baby showers coming up at the end of the month. My mom and aunt got the sweetest invitations and it’ll be fun to celebrate our sweet baby girl with family and friends! With my birthday, Christmas and two baby showers falling in a weeks span—it will literally be presents for days!!


Speaking of presents, Nate and I decided this year to get each other a nice camera for Christmas! So on Black Friday we got a Nikon D5100 (if you follow me on instagram you already know this) for a sweet deal! (Doesn’t the preggers pic at the top look SO NICE!)


It was the only time I’ve gone to a store to get something there was limited quantities of and I was a little nervous, but our line was all sweet and orderly. No pushing or shoving. Very southern and respectable. I was the first one there that wanted the Nikon so I go the first Nikon, the second lady got the second, and the third got the third. It was really entirely surprisingly simple. And this was at Wal-Mart. Hopefully this weekend I will have some time to read and play with it. My photography IQ is quite low, but I’m excited to get some higher quality shots for the blog AND have really nice baby pictures and video of our little lass from the beginning.

Are there any photography tutorials you’d recommend?

Are you all decorated and prepped for Christmas? Please don’t let me be the only one still lagging behind!

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    1. I know right!? My mom made the one on the right–she’s so crafty! And that’s what we said too…and then boom, she’s almost here!

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