3 Quick and Effective At-Home Workouts

More often than not I find myself working out at home. Can I tell you a secret? In my perfect workout-world I would be at the gym.

You see, I like going to the gym. I feel like it’s easier to get in “the zone” and even yesterday I talked about getting in the gym helps me take my workouts to that “level awesome”. 

3 Quick and Effective at Home Workouts

But the real truth of being a mom (and a nursing mom) is that the best time to workout is during Layla’s naptime. I could get up early and pump, then workout but there is nothing on this earth that makes me want to roll out of my warm bed less than getting up to pump.  Anyways…….so back to naptime workouts….they’ve got to be:

  • Fairly Quick (baby naps lengths can be unpredictable, plus it is my PRIME get-stuff-done time!)
  • Low Crazy Equipment Level (See what’s in my home gym, I promise you there is no inner thigh machine in my home gym.)
  • No Burpees (Haha! Just kidding!)

So here three awesome quick and effective at-home workouts–perfect for busy moms, cold mornings when you don’t want to drive to the gyms and vacation workouts!

HIIT and Strength Circuit

Just finished this great workout last night! Fitnessista will kick your booty for sure and in just 20 minutes!

Upper Body Supersets

This set from Fit’n’Cookies will leave your arms and shoulders burning! I love that the supersets keep things moving and un-boring!

Post Pregnancy Fitness Workout

Yeah, I know it says post pregnancy so you probably think it’s easy. Uh, it’s not. Blonde Ponytail creates a great full body workout that can be as intense as you make it!

These are some great workouts that are perfect for doing at home. Be sure when looking for workouts online that they are created by fitness professionals. See more tips for picking out great workouts on Pinterest here!

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    1. Hey Jen, if you click over to the link there is actually a full length video you can watch to get the move…it’s kind of like you touch the floor on one side and then pop up and shoot a fake layup. It makes more sense when you see it! 😛

    1. Haha! I tried! I seriously hate burpees with all my heart. But I do them. Except sometimes I sub out jumping jacks when I’m feeling particularly wimpy. Shh. Don’t tell the workout police! 😉

  1. I love love my home gym so having new workouts is perfect to mix things up. Thanks 🙂

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