30 Date Night Ideas for a Vibrant Marriage

Having a date night does not guarantee a perfect marriage.

You can go out and eat dinner or see a movie and never have actual real conversation or move towards each other emotionally. Date nights can be totally wasted time.

BUT if you thoughtfully choose date night ideas that will bring back good memories, create new experiences, and have FUN together date nights can be a powerful tool for a vibrant, life-giving, God-honoring marriage!

Picture of man and woman holding heart balloons with text 30 date night ideas to build a vibrant marriage


Don’t get stuck in a dinner and a movie rut!! Pick a couple of these fun date night ideas and make a plan for your next date night ASAP. (The hardest part for us is always finding a babysitter!)

I included a lot of fun conversation starters to go along with these active dates because I find a lot of our best connecting and conversation takes place when we are doing something together instead of just staring across the dinner table slightly brain dead from our busy lives!  Think creatively about the ways you connect on date night and watch your marriage light up! 

Use these 30 Date Night Ideas for a vibrant marriage to bring the spark back into your relationship!

  1. Recreate your first date.
  2. Go rock climbing together
  3. Take a hike
  4. Play mini golf — Add silly challenges like putting one handed or through the other person’s legs!
  5. Pack a picnic and play disc golf in a park
  6. Go to an arcade and cheer each other on OR enjoy a healthy dose of competition for the highest number of tickets.
  7. Go to a play or movie or concert. Be intentional about follow up questions like after seeing a Marvel Movie you could ask “What superpower would you NEVER want?” or after a concert “If you could make it big in music during any time period when would you want to?” or “How do you think full time musicians prioritize family?” Don’t let it just be a thing you sit through together!
  8. Paint pottery or go to a painting class together! Or order a painting kit or pottery kit and do it at home! 
  9. Go to the mall and window shop or people watch. Talk about what you were like in high school–What dreams did you have for yourself then? What did you think your life would look like at your current age?
  10. Cook a meal together and deliver it to someone going through a hard time.
  11. Walk around in a downtown area with lots of shops to explore.
  12. Make your bucket lists together. See if there is anything you could cross off it tonight!
  13. Go to a trivia night
  14. Go to a coffee shop and play a game.
  15. Go out just for dessert! Our favorite spot to do this is Debrand Chocolates in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They’re chocolate sundaes are out of this world good!  Photo of Debrand Chocolate Sundae
  16. Rent canoes or kayaks and spend some time on the water
  17. Go wine tasting
  18. Take in a local live music show
  19. Walk around Ikea (or another home store) and dream. Finish up with meatballs and ice cream!
  20. Go to the beach or lake — water is so emotionally relaxing! Talk about your favorite memories around water, what fills you up emotionally and relationally, plan your next vacation together. 30 date night ideas for a vibrant marriage text over photo of calendar with date night and couple holding red balloons while embracing
  21. Go for a bike ride
  22. Rent scooters and explore a downtown area
  23. Go to a college or high school football (basketball, baseball, or whatever you’re into) game
  24. Eat at a local restaurant you’ve never been to before.
  25. Taste test! Find the best doughnut (cup of coffee, glass of wine, piece of pie) in your town.
  26. Go to a museum or art gallery
  27. Go to a dance class
  28. Go to a shooting range
  29. Go to Goodwill, secondhand store or antique mall and have a competition to try to find the best thing for $5 or less. Couple hugging at Christmas tree farm
  30. Hire a photographer and have couples photos taken! If it has been a hot second since your wedding (that’s me!) refresh your photographs of just the two of you together! Katie Osborn Photography has photographed our family this past year and the unique lifestyle moments she captures. Absolutely recommend if you are in north-central Indiana!

What has been your all-time favorite date?

If I’m honest my marriage didn’t become vibrant until I became vibrant. My husband and I both worked on knowing and improving ourselves and loving Jesus better separately before our marriage could become more vibrant together. 

If you feel like you’re just getting through and living as a shadow as yourself my 5 Day Chasing Vibrance challenge will help you discover what lights you up and teach you how to live each day with joy and intention! 


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  1. We really like the “8 Dates” book, too! It is taking us a long time to get through the dates, but I highly recommend!

    1. Yes! The Gottman Institute has been super helpful in my marriage–love their stuff and glad you guys like it too!

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