300+ Topical Bible Verses

Christians turn to the Word of God in hard times and joyful seasons alike. Whether you need some encouragement or simply want to go deeper in your Bible study these topical Bible verses should help!

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The Holy Bible is powerful and filled with relevant verses on different topics in our everyday lives. But sometimes you may not know where exactly in the Bible that topic is located or the exact words used in the Bible to look it up yourself.

You may be searching for the best bible verses about forgiveness of sins or God’s character or a specific Bible teaching. That’s where this list of Bible verses by topic will come in handy!

How to Use Topical Bible Verses to Grow Your Faith

I like to use topical Bible verses when I’m struggling in a certain area or want some intentional spiritual growth or encouragement. A few ways I use them:

  1. Everyday write out one Bible verse on the topic. Go to each passage in Scripture and reading it in context. Then write it out slowly. This is called Scripture Writing and I have a whole article you can read about it!
  2. Memorize a verse a week on your interested topic. Scripture memorization is so helpful and powerful for a believer to have God’s Word always at the ready! This helps combat Satan’s false accusations against us just as Jesus Christ did when He was tempted in the wilderness. It also gives spiritual strength and support when we are struggling.
  3. Read through every verse on a topic when you’re having a bad day or struggling. Bookmark any of the lists below for when you simply need a refresher on what the Bible says about a topic.
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What Does the Bible Say About Itself?

The Bible is God’s testimony about Himself. It holds all we need to know about God. Although there are other ways He reveals Himself–those will never be inconsistent with the Bible.

The Old Testament and the New Testament are both God’s revealed word and are important to study.

All Scripture is God-breathed and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

-2 Timothy 3:16

For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.

-2 Peter 1:21

Topical List of Bible Verses

30 Promises of God to Claim in Your Life

God has given us His great and precious promises to give us hope, joy, peace, wisdom and strength for whatever we are facing in our day. Some of my very favorite Bible verses are God’s proven promises.

15 Encourage One Another Bible Verses

When you need some inspiring Bible verses turn to these uplifting passages!

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35 Best Bible Verses About Self Love

What does self-love mean for a Christian? Throughout the Bible there are verses about self sacrifice and unselfishness, so how does self esteem, self worth and self love fit into the life of a child of God. Explore these 35 verses to find out!

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25 Bible Verses About God’s Faithfulness

These are excellent Bible verses to reassure you of God’s steadfast love and character.

25 Bible Verses about God's forgiveness with woman in blue reading Bible behind text overlay

15 Bible Verses About Hope in Hard Times

Life doesn’t always go as you plan–life often doesn’t go as we plan. When we encounter hard times and we have to choose to hope in the Lord through those hardships. The Bible to tell us how to remain steadfast in hope during hard times.

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35 Examples of Forgiveness in the Bible

God’s forgiveness of sin is one of His extraordinary gifts to His children. We see over and over examples of forgiveness in the Bible so we can know God freely and completely forgives sin. Whether you need to extend forgiveness or receive forgiveness these Bible verses will encourage you.

25 Calming Bible Verses for Worry and Anxiety

Read these passages when you are feeling anxious and need a fresh start to fill your heart with God’s peace.

15 Bible Verses About Prayer

Learn about prayer and grow your prayer life with these 15 powerful verses on the topic of prayer.

large text overlay of woman praying with words 15 bible verses about prayer

30 Bible Verses About Gratitude

These 30 Bible Verses for Gratitude will help align your heart to thankfulness today. Sometimes thankfulness is an act of faith.

30 best bible verses about gratitude with woman in gray shirt with folded hands over Bible

10 Bible Verses About God’s Calling

Christians often use the term “calling from God” or “I feel called to do this”. But what does that even mean? What is a calling from God? Use these 10 Bible Verses to help you understand God’s calling in the Bible and to explore what it really means to live out our calling.

live worthy of the calling. you have received

Where to Find Other Topical Bible Verse Resources

  1. Study Bibles — Most study Bible have a topical index of Scripture verses. I like the New International Version Study Bible, the She Reads Truth Study Bible and the English Standard Version Study Bible. All have great topical indexes!
  2. This Classic Concordance can be used to look up specific topics and word usage in the Bible! This important tool can be a great study aid to add depth to your Bible study or seminary paper prep or sermon writing.
  3. Macarthur Topical Bible – “The MacArthur Topical Bible is the most user-friendly Bible study tool released in decades. It’s a comprehensive volume of 20,000 Bible topics and more than 100,000 Bible passages, carefully cross-referenced and organized for quick and complete visual location. It’s an amazing time-saver for teachers and pastors planning their lessons.” Source
  4. Nave’s Topical Bible — One of the best known topical Bibles with over 20,000 topics included. In this topical Bible it includes the full Bible verse for each of the most important verses under each topic which saves you time and allows you to see more of the topic in the context.

Using Bible Gateway for Topical Searches

Excerpt from 15 Best Bible Study Tools

“I like Bible Gateway the most for comparing different translations of the same Bible verse! Because we know some words are tricky to translate from the original language into English seeing how the different Bible versions interpret the verse helps us grasp the original intent better.

After typing your verse of choice into the search bar, click on the small hyperlink beneath the verse “Your verse in all translations”.

You can now see how each version interprets the verse and compare how they do compared to the original language..”

It’s kind of crazy how the language of the translations can vary so greatly! From the New Living Translation to the King James Version–you’re going to have a lot of variation and that’s natural and good.

More Bible Study Help

To learn more about studying the Bible be sure to grab your FREE BIBLE STUDY CONFIDENCE KIT to help guide you through your Bible reading.

If you’re ready to take the next step and get to know Christ Jesus better, check out these FREE resources!

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25 Best Devotional Apps for Christian Moms

How To Pray: A Beginners Guide with Examples

Click here to see more of the Best Bible study tools!

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