31 Week Pregnancy Update

Well hello!

Time for another pregnancy update! I thought I would steal some preggers questions from Itz Linz’s blog to spice things up a bit for this update!

Baby’s size? 3.5 pounds and 16 inches long! She’s getting big!

Maternity clothes? Yes! I only have a few non-maternity tops I’m still able to wear, but it’s definitely more of a necessity now!


Stretch marks? Just a little, pretty far to the sides. They are pretty light though so I’m not freaked out—I just keep rubbing on the lotion and coconut oil. Smile

Sleep: Has been getting more difficult. Falling asleep takes longer and I wake up more often throughout the night uncomfortable. I’ve also felt the resurgence of my early pregnancy fatigue. I’m needing those naps again!

Best moment this week: Having my midwife tell me I got an A++ (the overachiever in me is thrilled!) on my blood sugars and hemoglobin test results! I was kind of worried because of the history of diabetes in my family, but my levels were great! I should still probably eat less sugar though…the sweets have been sneaking in a lot more than they should. Darn you Christmas cookies!

Miss anything? I miss running. And sledding.  And feeling skinny.

Movement: Baby girl is active throughout the day.  She is lodged pretty high right now (I feel her under my ribs) which may be contributing to my heartburn issues this past week.

Food Cravings: Not really anything besides sweets and carbs, which isn’t really that abnormal for me. I just really want to eat cinnamon rolls with icing for dinner each night. lol!


Anything making you queasy or sick? I’ve cut out dairy again because I felt it might be contributing to the heartburn. I’ve also been avoiding spicy or acidic foods at dinner and trying to eat smaller portions then too. It seems to have helped.

Labor Signs: None, I’m on alert for Braxton Hicks or anything similar. But I still have a ways to go so no worries there. My midwife also told me that, unless something goes wrong or I really, really want to be checked, she’s not going to check for dilation during the last month because it raises expectations and doesn’t really mean labor or delivery is imminent and often just makes mom’s anxious either way.

Symptoms: Heartburn, some moodiness, fatigue, some lower back pain, especially if I’ve been on my feet for awhile.

On the To Do list: I need to schedule a tour of the hospital, file some paperwork with our insurance company, and decide for sure if we want to do any classes.

Happy or Moody? I’ve been a bit moody this week. Not like raging moody, but kind of down and just not my usual positive self. I feel like the weather hasn’t helped either—we’ve been trapped inside for days!


Looking Forward To: Christmas! It’s my favorite holiday! Tomorrow kicks off two weeks of celebration: my birthday, three Christmases, two baby showers, New Years, and our wedding anniversary! It’ll be a lot of excitement and great to spend extra time with family and friends.

What are you looking forward to this week? Any last minute things I should add to my registry?

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