35 Top Christian Kids Worship Songs for Home + Church

Singing Christian songs is a great way to pass on and affirm faith in our kids. If you’re putting on a Vacation Bible School or teaching a Sunday School class or hosting summer camps or leading a children’s ministry upbeat songs with fun hand motions and dance moves will go a long way in winning your kids hearts! 

These top 35 kids Christian worship songs will help get the wiggles out of kids of all ages! And spiritual songs are such a good way to help kids hide God’s Word in their hearts. 

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Singing and Listening to Kids Worship Songs at Home

I use these kids and worship songs at home in three big ways. 

1. I use them as part of our evening “Circle Time” where we read a Bible story or devotional, say a memory verse together (with hand motions!), sing a song, and pray over our young children. We do this right before bed and many of the classic Christian songs are what we sing together. 

2. As a playlist to reset the spiritual temperature in our home. Listen, we know sometimes that things get messy and grumpy in a family. Sometimes something as simple as turning on relaxing worship music to calm us down and soothe some frazzled feelings helps. Or sometimes in the morning as we are getting going I turn on a bumping Christian playlist that will help get our sleepies out and help us wake up for the day! (This helps me AS MUCH AS it helps our kids!) 

3. When my kids need some entertainment but I don’t want to turn on the TV. Maybe it’s just my kids, but a good playlist with their favorite songs can keep them just as engaged as a kids show. So sometimes we use a playlist as simple entertainment that is also filled with spiritual truths. Bonus points if you pair the songs with a dance party! 

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You can also check out the Good News Guys Youtube Channel or the Seeds Family Worship Youtube Channel or the Bethel Kids Worship Youtube Channel for kid-appealing videos and video playlists that can also make a great entertainment tool to add to your parenting toolbox! 

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35 Classic Christian Songs for Kids 

Enjoy this list of kids songs that have been sung in church and Sunday School for generations! Many of these songs teach Bible stories and early Biblical truths in simple ways with sweet hand motions. Perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary school kids. 

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Kids Bible Songs that Teach Bible Truths

This Little Light of Mine — A favorite one with fun motions and powerful truths. Especially fun for little ones to “blow” out their candles or put them under the bushels! 

Jesus Loves Me — A classic that’s simple lyrics can be taught even to the littlest ones! Here is a delightful picture book that pairs with this song. 

He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands — Check out the music video to learn some cute hand motions that your little ones are sure to love! If you’re looking for a picture book to explore with this check out this joyful book

I’m in the Lord’s Army — Get your marching feet out and enjoy this Sunday School song that helps get the wiggles out with it’s big body movements. 

It’s Bubbling — We love to sing this song together and do super-speed version, super-slow-mo version, batman voice version, mickey mouse version etc. 

Jesus Loves the Little Children — This classic is easy for kids to learn and sing together and teaches simple truths: Jesus loves everyone, Jesus died for everyone, Jesus rose for everyone, and Jesus lives for everyone. Also, check out this adorable children’s book showing Jesus’ love for all the little children by the creators of The Chosen! 

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I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart — Jesus brings joy, peace, and love to those who follow Him! The video linked here has a great explanation of the song lyrics and meaning! 

Praise Ye the Lord Hallelujah — This praise song is easy to sing for young listeners. You can even have the kids help create their own hand motions to go along with it! 

The B-I-B-L-E — This is a fun one that can use smaller hand motions or larger full body motions. Plus it helps kids learn to read and recognize the word, Bible! 

Oh Be Careful Little Eyes — This song can be a great jumping off point for conversations with your kids about why you choose to limit what comes into our home and life. 

My God Is So Big — Deep theological truths about God’s character? Check! Fun  motions and melody? Check! Check! 

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Kids Bible Songs that Teach Bible Stories

Arky Arky — This song rehearses the story of Noah and the flood. It fun hand motions and animal sounds you can include! Here’s a great retelling that’s perfect for preschoolers! 

Father Abraham — Learn about the patriarch Abraham and pair this song with Bible stories focused on Genesis. I love the introduction of this video to put the song in better context for your kiddos! 

Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho — This jazzy song is filled with fun motions for kids to sing along to as they rehearses the story of God’s victory using Joshua and the people of Israel. 

Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man — This Veggie Tales silly song version is a bop! If you’re looking to dive into the story with younger kids this is a great book

The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock — Remind your kids as you sing that the meaning of the rock and the sand as you sing this parable that Jesus taught! 


Classic Hymns for Kids

Hymns are perfect for quiet moments of singing with and to your kids. These are some classics that are easy to learn musically and lyrically. Start by having your kids listen to these hymns as you sing and then invite them to join in. You may be surprised how quickly they pick up on these classics! 

Amazing Grace — This traditional hymn has been sung for generations and is a great easy melody to teach to kids! Pair with this book full of gorgeous illustrations to bring it to life for your kids. 

In the Sweet By and By — This song can be a beautiful way to introduce the concept of heaven to your children. It’s easy to sing and understand for most young children. If you want to talk about heaven more with your kids check out Goodbye to Goodbyes from one of my favorite Christian kid book series.

Blessed Assurance — This kids version may be the most fun you’ve ever had singing a hymn! Pair with this book about Fanny Crosby

O How I Love Jesus — My kids love singing this worship song back to Jesus. It is SO precious to hear their sweet voices sing this song. 

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow (Doxology) — This is a great classic hymn for kids to learn to sing along with their parents and grandparents. It’s also a beautiful song to sing before bed or at the end of the day. 

Peace Like a River — This African-American spiritual will get you moving, praising Jesus, and reflecting on the fruit the Holy Spirit brings to our lives. It is a great song for kiddos and grown ups alike. 


Modern Worship Songs for Kids

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What are some good upbeat Christian songs for older elementary kids, tweens, and teens? Look no further! While the above lists of cute, kids songs are great for engaging younger kids older kids may start to find them boring or “too babyish”. If that’s the case, here are some upbeat modern worship music choices that teach powerful truths that the next generation wil love!

Upbeat Worship Time

Happy Dance by Mercy Me — My daughter especially loves this song! It is just HAPPY and reminds us that there is always a reason to rejoice when we have a relationship with Jesus! 

Praise Like Fireworks by Rend Collective– My kids love this upbeat song and learned some fun motions for it at the family camp we love to attend! This song emphasizes the new hearts and new home our Heavenly Father gives each of His children. 

Jesus Forever by Austin Stone Kids Worship — We love the whole Only Jesus album by these guys! 

Wake by Hillsong Young and Free — This is another one the kids at our church seem to love and goes well with bouncy dancing for toddlers and teens alike! 

WaveWalker by Citizen Way — My older kids are crazy about this song! I love it’s reminder that we can walk through any situation with Jesus. 

At The Top of My Lungs by Orange Kids — This is a K-5 grade favorite at our church! It has some pretty cool motions/dance moves too! 

I Thank God — This worship song retells the salvation story and how faith in Jesus changes everything in our lives. This one has awesome moves to teach your kids! 

Wonderful (Psalm 139:14) — Love this fun way to learn Psalm 139 and teach kids to root their self-esteem in how and who God made them to be! 

Slower Worship Songs

Good, Good Father by Chris Tomlin — My kids love to sing this sweet praise song in kids church and along with the radio. I love that they are learning about the character of God and to root their faith in God alone. This Youtube Video Link also includes hand motions that can help engage young kids and older kids in the words and music. 

This Is Amazing Grace by Bethel Worship Kids — Bethel Worship kids has an amazing video playlist of worship songs performed by kids that are such high quality! My kids love to turn on this playlist and watch and listen through it! This is Amazing Grace is another beautiful song that emphasizes the love of Jesus. 

Far More Abundantly by Seeds Family Worship — Seeds Family Worship creates modern sounding music with lyrics word for word Scripture lyrics that helps kids memorize Bible verses! This can be so impactful for your faith and your kids faith! 

Who You Say I Am by Hillsong — The world speaks so many negative messages over our kids, this powerful song helps kids know and speak the truth of who God says they are. 

Waymaker by Leeland — This immensely popular worship song helps kids learn who God is and what that means for them as His beloved children. 

You can check out these songs on Apple Music, Youtube or Spotify!

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What is one of your favorite kids Christian songs from the list?

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