37 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Here we are in the final countdown to our little mancub arriving! I’m 37 weeks pregnant now, I meant to post an update last week, but that didn’t happen so here we are, well under a month till our baby is born! I’m crossing my fingers for two weeks till baby!

37 week pregnancy update

How is baby doing? 

Our son is fully dropped and in a head down position. Wohoo!  So if I went into labor today they wouldn’t try to stop it or slow me down–we’d be having a baby! So he can just come on out anytime. 🙂 His heartbeat is strong and steady (140-150 resting and 165+ while active). He likes listening to his daddy and sister play and he loves when they come and talk to him. I think he is already very interested in Layla and all she is doing (at least indicated by the intensity of his movements when she is being loud and silly.

How is mama doing? 

I am ready to have a baby! I go between spurts of nesting energy and being totally tuckered out. I try not to stay in the same position for too long since I get uncomfortable quickly. (Which makes sleeping interesting…) My feet and ankles are also crazy-swollen! I really never noticed swelling with Layla and with this pregnancy the last week or so my feet have just been getting bigger and bigger. 🙁  I’m currently rocking a pair of Nike slide-on velcro sandals, aka the only shoes that fit my feet without squeezing them further. #socool #sandalswithsocksforthewin Also, due to my swelling I’m having pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome and my arms and hands fall asleep, especially at night which makes sleep even MORE interesting. I’m trying to keep this in perspective, stay positive, and take time for myself. I enjoyed a latte and some magazine reading at Barnes and Noble after my last prenatal appointment.  Sometimes you just need to get away for a moment to yourself. (See things to do for yourself before baby arrives for more ideas)

37 week pregnancy update
You can get a glimpse of my giant feet and Layla wanting to participate in the photo with her yo-yo!

On the good news side, with mancub dropping I’ve almost completely stopped having heartburn. Hallelujah! I’ve also had a few Braxton Hicks contractions, nothing exciting, but I definitely feel them if I’ve been up on my feet for longer periods of time. My workouts have mostly been walks or just a few rounds of squats, triceps dips, and whatever other random exercise I am feeling at the moment.

Baby Checklist:

Already done:

  • We’ve got the carseat installed and the last of the baby supplies bought! Such a good feeling!
  • I’ve packed mancub’s bag for the hospital. So much fun! I loved doing it and maybe I’ll share what I’ve packed for our little guy. I definitely packed a lot of things for Layla I didn’t end up using, but I’d always rather be prepared.
  • I made 3 freezer meals this past week! Two chilis and a taco soup!  I still want to make a couple more, plus I’m participating in another freezer meal swap the last week of March!

On the To-Do side of things I still need to:

  • Pack mama bag–I need to pack what I can now, but I know there will be things added last minute too.
  • Hang the rest of the decor in the nursery.
  • Buy gift from Layla to baby and baby to Layla.

All of his clothes are prepped and ready. We have diapers, wipes, and fresh sheets on his crib. We have babysitters lined up for Layla coverage while we’re in the hospital. It’s just a nice feeling to be totally ready or as ready as we’ll ever be! Also I went back and read my 36.5 week update from Layla’s pregnancy and we certainly have more prep completed earlier this time around!

Layla and baby doll

On Becoming a Family of Four:

This warmer weather has been so great and perfect for lots of playing and bonding with Layla. Her world is about to shift, but in a good way. I know a lot of mamas feel guilt over not having their firstborn be their one and only anymore, but I honestly don’t feel that way. I feel like we are giving Layla a huge gift in a sibling. We are expanding her world to love more! While she will have to practice more patience, sharing, and kindness with a little brother, we know these traits will make her more like Jesus and that they will ingrain more easily in her soul while she is small.  We also anticipate the sacrifice that adding another baby will bring for Nate and I…loss of free time, a change in rhythm, ease of travel, not to mention loss of sleep, oh yeah, and LABOR….but we embrace the challenge of selflessness and can’t wait to see how our new little man will bring us blessings and JOY.

Well that is all for now on the baby front! So ready to meet this little guy!

Did you ever have swelling while pregnant? 

Where do you fall in your family birth order? I’m 2 of 5, with primarily oldest tendencies. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Ashley!! I feel HUGE, but I’m so thankful our baby is healthy and I’ve had a pretty low key pregnancy.

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