5 Things Friday: Piyo, Babies & Memorial Day

Hey! Just checking in quick with a 5 Things Friday post for you! Hope your long weekend is completely awesome…whether you are traveling, working in the yard, on the lake, or just straight chilling I hope it is perfect!

5 Family & Fitness Happenings

  1. I’m getting pumped to begin the 21 Day Fix next Tuesday with some amazing people! We’ve got a great group of ladies and a couple guys who are going to crush it! I’m totally excited to sit down this weekend and plan out all of eating for the week…color coded containers and a spreadsheet are this nerd’s dream! piyo workout
  2. I finished my first official postpartum workout today! Of course, I had to document for instagram! (What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t?) I did a workout from Piyo and while it was tough it wasn’t a total #strugglebus so I consider that a win! All the walking and carrying around toddlers and babies has been a pretty good workout alternative for the last 6 weeks.
  3. Speaking of 6 weeks….sweet baby Barrett is 6 weeks old already! He is such a cutie! His sleep is really leveling out (once a night wake-ups) which is amazing and I already feel mostly like my old self again and it is hard to imagine life without him!  BooBarrett
  4. We’ve gotten to do some fun “touristy” things with my in-laws while they have been here visiting…the local Bird Sanctuary, local restaurants, ice cream shops, and the Children’s Museum. It’s been fun showing off our favorite places and remembering why we love West Michigan so much! summer is coming
  5. Summer season kicks off here at Gull Lake Ministries today as our summer staff arrive for training! The energy is high around camp and we are ready to gear up for another summer of ministry to families and young people. The weather has been awesome this week too, so that makes us all the more excited for summer!

5 Fit & Fun Links

Hope you have an amazing holiday weekend!

What Memorial Day plans do you have? Are you staying active this weekend? 

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