5 Easy Ways to Volunteer With Kids at Christmas

It can be hard with young kids to find meaningful and age appropriate ways to give back in your community and beyond. These 5 easy ways to volunteer with kids at Christmas will help you create a culture of giving in your family.

We can all show kindness and love this Christmas through volunteering. Here are a few ideas of ways you can give back with your children this holiday season!

Updated November 2021

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5 Easy Ways to Volunteer with Kids at Christmas

1. Shopping together for gifts for less fortunate.

This can take place packing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes in November or Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Toy Drive. Engage your child in picking out some fun gifts to SHARE and in packing them or dropping them off.Christmas giving with kids

2. Choosing diapers and wipes to donate for other babies and kids.

This is such a neat way to give with your little ones because as a mom I know how hard it can be to afford diapers. (And I’m praying every day we get Layla fully potty trained and out of diapers for good! Two in diapers is rough!)

Thankfully, we’ve been blessed to always be able to get the diapers and wipes we need, but I know for some families that is not the case.

In 2010 Kimberly-Clark conducted a study that showed that 1 in 3 moms struggle to afford diapers for their children. Buying diapers means many parents have to cut back on other essentials or their children go without.

Local crisis pregnancy centers and women’s shelters are almost always in need of diapers in all sizes, but there is another awesome way you can donate diapers that I wasn’t aware of that is truly awesome!

Giving Back with Little Ones 

3. Baking cookies or treats.

This is a fun and easy way to spread cheer! Plates of Christmas treats and cookies can then be dropped off to neighbors, fire department, police departments, shut-ins or nursing homes (call ahead!), or anyone you love going through a rough time.

Some of our favorite cookies to share are Chewy Walnut Treasures and Andes Mint Cookies!

4. Making cards.

These can go along with your plates of Christmas goodies or can be sent in the mail. I have a pretty avid artist on my hands so I coached her to color in some pretty Christmas cards and sent them to some friends who have been struggling with sickness.

You can totally get creative with using some of these fingerpainting ideas or just keep it simple and color with crayons.Christmas coloring5. Choosing an animal to donate with World Vision or Heifer International.

I love the concept of giving a more than a one-time gift. Donating a farm animal means a continual contribution to the income and quality of life of a family in poverty.

My toddler had a fun time picking out a cute animal to give to her “faraway friend”. Although she may not fully get what she’s doing we are still promoting love and giving!

picking christmas gifts

My family is so incredibly blessed and we want to create a family culture that is joyful in our giving. We KNOW how fortunate we are and we want to use our blessings to create blessings for others! We love getting our children excited about giving while they are young in small and big ways.

5 Ways to Give Back with Your Little One - Fun and practical ideas to teach your toddlers and preschoolers about giving and kindness at Christmas!

How do you get your children involved in giving back? 

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