6 Month Pregnancy Update

We are in the third trimester folks! Yay! On Sunday I was officially 27 weeks and 3 months out from my due date. There are so many pros to the 3rd trimester…

  • Baby is coming soon!
  • You look pregnant, not fat
  • People are nice to you (or you can force/guilt them into being nice)
  • Baby is coming soon!

There are also a few cons…

  • You are SO pregnant
  • Your back hurts
  • Your sleep is very disturbed
  • Heartburn
  • Your baby is coming soon! Ah! Panic!

Pregnancy 6 months

How is baby doing? 

Our little “mancub” is now the size of a head of cauliflower and weighs about 2 pounds. He is small, more wrinkly version of what he will look like in a three months. He is a busy guy and I feel him moving often throughout the day. He seems to like loud noises and activity. #allboy If you press on my stomach he will push back at you or kick back when I tap on my tummy.  I hope he knows how very loved he is already!

Prenatal workout

How is mama doing? 

See above list of pros and cons. I’ve been having a lot of heartburn, insomnia, and back aches, but for where we are I feel that is pretty good, or at least normal. I’m also starting to feel like we have LOT to do before our little mancub arrives, I’m sure it will all get done, but I’m just now realizing it needs to get done SOONish. 🙂 I’m working out about 3 times a week with official workouts, and trying to get lots of steps (over 7000) on the other days. I’ve definitely felt more winded and “crampy” after busy days or regular strength training so I’m trying not to push things to much. I think this is the point where all the sudden things that used to be totally fine are now more of a struggle and I need to tame my superwoman tendencies.

Excited for baby brother!

How is the family doing/is Layla excited/does she get what is going on? 

Nate is excited for our little guy to get here too! He is looking forward to baby cuddles and, although the newborn phase is challenging, he actually really enjoyed the little bitty phase last time around. He was definitely my rock during the post-pregnancy crazies.

Layla is still a little clueless about the meaning of the whole new baby thing, but she now knows that her baby brother is in mommy’s tummy, and likes to give him pats and kisses. So precious. It will be sweet to see their relationship develop. I’m not really worried or guilty about her losing her “spot” as the only child. I have a few plans for how I want to introduce her to her brother (gifts from baby to Layla and Layla to baby; if possible, have mama’s arms free for Layla on first meeting), but I don’t have too many expectations for the transition. We’ll just be rolling with it and praying a lot.

I am thrilled to be in the third trimester and to have my spring baby! As it dumps snow outside, I am glad by the time he arrives it will be warmer and we can enjoy being outside as a family in those newborn days. Also, I just made a list over lunch of all we need to do before he arrives and I’m kind of glad we have 3 more months! I know it will go fast!

What is your favorite stage with kids? Newborn-baby-toddler-preschool-elementary-preteens-teens? I know some people who honestly, even though it sounds crazy, their favorite times were toddler and teens! I love that Layla is now talking and expressing herself more, but I adored those baby days too…too hard to pick and this journey is just beginning! I will say the newborn phase was rough, I think I’ve blocked most of the worst out though. 😉

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  1. And on the plus side, you already know how to breastfeed and what to expect from that. I feel like that’s a huge hurtle you have basically already crossed, so that should help to some degree with those first few weeks. So looking forward to holding and meeting this little man!

    1. That’s true! We also know we can survive since we’ve done it once already and a little more of what to expect. And we have a nice mom/Grandma to come take care of us. 😀

  2. Teens! And any stage once they’re in school. 🙂 Actually, adult is pretty good too. Fond memories of the early years, but some days were 2 weeks long. It’s pretty cool though to see how they develop in the first few years – they learn and grow so fast!

  3. On Sunday, I will be 2 months from my due date! Like you, I enjoy all the stages so far. I’m dealing with aching hips a lot more this pregnancy, and it’s worse today since I have to fight my own supermom tendencies….as I put away all the Christmas decorations (finally) yesterday! Here’s to a smooth 3rd trimester, and we’ll continue praying our way through, until we hold our little ones in our arms!

    1. So close girl! Our tree is still half up (literally) in our living room. I may just put red hearts on it and make it a Valentine’s tree. 😀

  4. I am just 2 months behind you! How old is Layla? So I just had this conversation with my husband at bedtime I said, “Do you think 4, 5, 5 and 7 are as awesome as 3?” I just love C at this age! And really M at this age too. You can have a legitimate conversation with her, she talks in paragraphs, and she is super fun. And as for him, his vocabulary is increasing like rapid fire and he has the most rambunctious personality- so fun! I am actually not a newborn person, although I am vowing to enjoy this last newborn. I really start to enjoy it at like 5-6 months… you know when you are getting more sleep and nursing doesn’t consume your whole day.

    1. She will be two next month! I’m loving how her verbal skills have grown in leaps and bounds recently! Sometimes she just randomly spits out a full sentence or two and it is always funny to hear what is on her mind! And I agree it is hard to soak in the newborn stage when you are more just focused on survival. I guess that is my “goal” for our new little one…to enjoy it more! Well, hopefully…. 😀

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