7 Month Pregnancy Update

Hold the phone, you guys, we are two months away from baby boy’s arrival! It’s crazy how close we are and I’m definitely excited to have our little mancub join us in April.

What’s going on with baby? 

Sweet Layla at 1 month! She was just 6 pounds 6 ounces here…So itty-bitty!

Right now, our little boy is around 3 1/2 pounds and is a gaining more every week. His pupils can dilate in response to light and he is losing his lanugo hair. Our little mancub is an active guy, happily bopping around in the womb when he hears music, reading, his sister being crazy, and loud noises. We get to take another peek at him on Monday! They are doing an ultrasound to make sure my uterine fluids are at healthy levels. (It was low with Layla leading to lowered fetal movement and her induction. You can read all her birth story drama fun!) There hasn’t been any signs of lowered fetal activity, but we are taking precautions and checking. It helps set my anxiety-prone mind at ease and as a bonus we are going to bring Layla along to see her baby brother too!

What’s going on with mama? 

7 month pregnancy

All. the. heartburn. I’ve been eating tums like candy and almost always seem to have some degree of heartburn. Hopefully at my next appointment I can get some more helpful medication to keep it under control. Sleep is disrupted and I’m starting to feel more of my limitations, but overall I’m feeling well!  On Saturday a friend is throwing me a little “Sprinkle” (ie small baby shower) which will be fun–girl time plus baby cuteness is always great!

Nursery and Big Girl Room Progress

We are making great progress in moving Layla to her big girl room too! She should be in it by the end of next week. I’m so excited for her to enjoy the space and I think it will be awesome to move most of her toys into that room and out of the main living space. Here is her inspiration board. We didn’t change any of her colors in her room, it is still coral, soft pink, and teal with touches of gray. It’s a bit more playful than her nursery though!

toddler room design board

After we get her settled we just have a little bit of prep for getting our sweet boy’s room together, infant clothes washed, and  all the baby supplies ready to go! It’s so fun looking at those itty-bitty clothes, knowing he’ll be here wearing them soon! His room we went for a teal, navy, and gray color scheme with kind of a “wooded starlit night” feel. And there may be a few Star War’s touches in there too… (#nerdalert) so maybe more of a wooded starlit night on the moon of Endor feel. 🙂 But have you SEEN the Pottery Barn star wars decor? Sooo cute!

Boy Nursery design board

Overall we are doing well: thrilled to be experiencing a healthy pregnancy so far and feeling excited for our little man to join us in two short months!

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  1. You look so great! I’m impressed with your workout drive while pregnant (i had none :))

    I LOVE Layla’s room ideas…gives me the itch to work on my girls’ room!

  2. I’m impressed that you’re transitioning Layla into a big girl room before the baby is born! We’re keeping Nathan in his crib, and just putting the baby in a bassinet in our room for the first couple months. Adorable rooms, too!

    1. I had originally planned on potty training her too before the baby came, but then I decided that was too much. Lol! We are hoping to have her settled in her new room before the baby gets here, but if it goes horribly she can always sleep in the nursery while the baby is in with us! She’s a really-really great sleeper so we are hoping the transition will go smoothly!

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