7 Quick & Healthy Dinner Ideas

Sometimes it is hard to know exactly what or how to make healthy choices for your family. You get on Pinterest or start looking at recipes and you get overwhelmed, so you just throw some chicken nuggets on a pan and some carrots on the side and call it good. (That was totally me a few years ago so no judgment here!)

7 quick & healthy dinner ideas

Over time I have discovered how to make easy, and healthier versions of my favorite foods at home. These recipes have become my go-to dinners, and I promise you will love them!  They have the picky-eater stamp of approval from my husband, Nate and the toddler approval stamp from Layla! Most of these recipes are fairly inexpensive as well, which is always nice for the ole bank account. Try all of them for a whole week of easy, healthy eats!

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What is your favorite healthy and quick dinner? Do you tweak recipes to make them healthier? 

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  1. Pancakes make a quick and easy supper. Your Hearty Oatmeal Pancakes would be good to make. If you want to kick up the protein maybe do some turkey sausage patties to serve with them. Top t hem with fruit instead of syrup. I don’t really get too excited about pancakes for breakfast, but I really enjoy them for supper. Especially in the winter. Omelets or scrambled eggs are a great idea too, especially with veggies in them.

  2. Usually I just make my dinners from scratch so they end up being healthy by default, since I usually only have healthy ingredients on hand. But, sometimes, if I’m craving a childhood favourite that’s less than healthy, I’ll have to find creative ways to make my dinner a little healthier.
    Then there are the times that I have homemade granola for dinner (like tonight) because I just couldn’t be bothered lol. It’s all about balance right?

    1. My pleasure! This last few weeks have been rough for our dinner plans, but yesterday I sat down and planned some good options instead of just winging it like I had been doing. Such a good feeling!

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