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7 Scripture Writing Tips: What It is and How to Begin

I began using Scripture writing to grow my faith and deepen my time with God when my kids were babies and I was feeling frustrated because I didn’t have the time to devote to studying God’s Word like I did before I had kids. I would often get interrupted and had a hard time focusing. I found myself finishing a passage of Scripture and having no idea what I had just read.

Thank you, mom brain!

Around this time I joined a group of women on Facebook who were writing through passages of Scripture together. It almost seemed too simple.

But I really really needed simple at that point in my life.

Scripture writing became an integral piece of my time with God and I’ve never let go of it! Keep reading to learn more about what Scripture writing is and how you can get started today with supplies you already have on hand!

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What is Scripture Writing? 

Scripture writing is simply writing out Bible passages and verses by hand. Slowing down from reading a verse to writing out a verse word by word helps you meditate more slowly on it and draw fresh realizations about God’s character and what that means for you today.  

How to get started? 

  1. Choose a topic

Pick a topic you want to study or meditate more on right now. This could have to do with something going on in your life or in the world in general. 

  1. Find Bible Verses on that Topic
  • You can do this by using a Bible concordance or topical index. You can purchase a separate Bible concordance or use the topical index found in the back of a high quality study Bible.
  • You can also do a simple google search on your topic, although this may not be as accurate or all-encompassing.
  • You can use Youversion or another online Bible (I like Bible Gateway) to search topically as well.  
  • You can search for lists of already compiled Scripture Writing topics. 

3. Write out a verse or passage of verses during your time with God. You can be fancy with fun pens, hand-lettering, and art or just simply write out the passage with no frills. (I’m most often a no-frills kind of gal!)

Topical index at back of bible

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Benefits to Your Faith 

The biggest benefit of writing out scripture is you slow down long enough for the words to really seep into your consciousness. How many times have your eyes gone over a verse in a Bible, but nothing really sinks in? Bible verse writing slows down that process and allows you to focus on each word. 

It also allows you to dive deep into one topic in the Bible and get an all-encompassing view of it from different writers, time periods and literary styles. 


Woman writing in journal while sitting cross legged

FAQs about Writing the Word

  1. Do you really get anything out of it?

Scripture writing is a form of Bible devotions and study. As I write and reflect on the passage God highlights words or phrases and I find myself engaging in the Word in a different way than a traditional Bible study. 

Both (and many more Bible study habits) have their place in your spiritual growth! 

  1. How long does it take? 

I find Scripture writing normally takes me 5-10 minutes, depending on the length of the passage and how neatly I am writing. If you may want to spend additional time reading the context surrounding the passage or a parallel passage. 


  1. Do I need any special equipment? 

I like to have a separate journal for my Bible writing. I also write my spiritual reflections, prayers, and sermon notes in it. Any kind of spiritual writing goes into this journal, but it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. 

Here are some journals I recommend: 

You’re also going to need a pen or pencil. I also tend to enjoy writing with colorful pens and pencils, but that is totally my personal preference. Here are some of my favorites:

Scripture Writing Plan 2021

Get Your FREE Scripture Writing Plan. In 2021 I am craving HOPE. I know better than to put my hope in scientists, politicians, financial security, popularity or any other place or person, but JESUS.

May this 14 Day Scripture Writing Plan bless you and be a starting point on your write the word journey.

Hope Scripture writing plan on ipad with blanket wooden beads and camel colored hat

Scripture Writing Examples from my own life. 

Here are a few examples of writing out Scripture from my own journal. You can see sometimes I get fancy and sometimes I just write the Bible verses out simply. 

Passage of Scripture about hope written out in green ink

As I have read through the Bible chronologically this year, I used the ESV Journaling Bible and use the extra margin space to write out my favorite Scripture verse I read from the day. 

Writing the Word is also included in my Claiming the Promises of God Bible Study in part of the daily guided journaling! It really is one of my favorite ways to dig into a passage of Scripture. 

Bible and claiming the promises Bible study on a table with mug of tea.

Writing Bible passages out by hand is a great way to slow down and focus your heart on the Scriptures.

For more ways to grow your faith check out 5 Ways to Spend Time with God During Busy Seasons

And don’t forget to grab your Hope Scripture Writing plan!

Woman writing alongside Bible reading with sun streaming in

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