7 Things to Do For Yourself Before Your Baby Arrives

I definitely have baby on the brain. Or rather, you can tell I’m going to have a baby by how impaired my brain function is. There’s not a lot that is “logical” or “makes sense” going on around here. Unexpected things (dumb commercials, random songs) can choke me up in an instant. I’m trying to channel what little energy I have left into keeping the house in a semi-decent order, Layla healthy and happy, and prepping for the baby.

7 Things to Do For Yourself Before Your Baby Arrives - Self care is often overlooked for pregnant women--here are a few things to do just for YOU before your little one comes!

While there are a lot of other necessary things to do like installing a carseat, buying diapers, and prepping the nursery, take time to take care of YOU as well. Here are 7 things to do for yourself before your baby arrives to celebrate and acknowledge the work you have done in creating the beautiful life within you.

7 Things to Do For Yourself Before Your Baby Arrives

  1. Go on a date (or as many as possible) with your husband before your little one arrives. I know it was 6 or 7 weeks before we went out alone together and even then I was miserable being apart from our baby, so take advantage of your time pre-baby.
  2. Get a haircut so you feel fresh! I just got a fresh cut yesterday and what a difference a trim can make! When you are pregnant you are already feeling heavy and weighed down so a nice lightened up cut and color can go a long way to making you feel good NOW and postpartum. No one wants to look frumpy in all photographs that will be coming after your baby arrives.
  3. Go out with your friends. Even though you may be tired make time to spend with your friends before your little one arrives. The first few weeks postpartum are kind of a haze and you may want to cozy in with just your family. So enjoy a night out with your girlfriends or a double date!
  4. Spend some time taking care of yourself with a pedicure or manicure. I’m so looking forward to doing this in a few weeks….I’m not sure I can reach my toes at this point and I want them to look pretty and polished for spring. Even if you’re not going to rock sandals right after your baby is born taking time to polish your nails (at home or in a salon) will help you feel good about yourself and is something you probably won’t have time for after the baby comes.
  5. Prep some meals for after the baby arrives. Although this isn’t as fun as the other suggestions it is something your future self will thank you for! Make a few simple freezer meals that you know you like and stash them away in the freezer. This time around we have a deep freezer and I’m going to try to stock up 2 weeks worth of freezer meals, plus some snacks and breakfast options.
  6. Buy a post-pregnancy outfit. If you don’t have already clothes in a size up buy a cute new top or outfit in a size (or two) bigger than you were before getting pregnant. It’s nice to have something fresh that will fit you right away. Leggings and a cute, flowy tunic (affiliate link) would be my recommendation!
  7. Buy something luxurious for yourself. It may be a fancy soap, a new lotion, a beautiful necklace, downloading a favorite album, or indulging in your favorite chocolate truffles. This will help you get through those last weeks of uncomfortableness and waiting, waiting, waiting.

Also, it goes without saying, but rest up and be gentle with yourself during this time. It’s easy for me to want to still be doing it all, but I really can’t. Tackle projects while you have surges of nesting energy, but embrace naps and “feet up time” too. Lean into your loved ones now and be willing to let some things go. I’m so thankful for a supportive and understanding spouse as we prepare for baby #2!

What recommendations for self-care do you have for expectant moms? 


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  1. Good for you! I’ve been doing similar things. The freezer meals are a lifesaver for once the baby comes. And today, my husband played with Nathan so I could have the afternoon to myself. I wasn’t as productive as I hoped but it was nice to just have some time to myself.

    1. That’s so nice! It’s good to take that time….will probably be awhile before that happens again. 🙂

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