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7 Things To Never Forget On An Adventure with Kids

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My husband and I love to take our kids (2, 3, and 5) on “adventures” little hikes and visits to fun and free nature spots around our town. To be honest, I’m often the one that needs convincing to get in the adventurous spirit and leave our cozy home, but it’s always worth it to get outside, be active, explore and have fun together! Today I’m going to be sharing 7 Things To Never Forget On An Adventure with Kids (because believe me we’ve forgotten ALL of these at some point and know firsthand the pain of regret!).

7 Things to Never Forget On an Adventure with Kids

Wipes for all the things. 

You’re going to need them for something! I mean it’s a MUST if you have a child in diapers (that’s us!), but even if not it’s nice to have something to wipe off a dirty bench, rock, or messy hands after playing.

Appropriate gear for the weather. 

There is a Scandinavian saying that goes “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” 

Even on cold days we can still get out and have fun–we just add some hats, gloves and warm shoes and maybe don’t adventure quite as long as we do during the warmer months.  As the mama I’ve definitely been the one who was not prepared in the footwear or clothing department for an adventure! Sometimes I’m so busy getting everyone else together I forget what I need, so I like to keep a small basket in the car with extra all-weather gear that we may need. Never hurts to be prepared! 

Snacks, for the love, don’t forget snacks. 

Oh. the. horror. My three little ones always seem to be “starving” at inopportune times — and I know I’m not alone! Even if they just ate, even if they shouldn’t be hungry, just bring snacks! Armour LunchMakers®+ Drink make a perfect take along snack for our outdoor adventures to keep the hangry munchies away so we can enjoy our time together outdoors!

Ham & American Cheese LunchMakers® + Drink and Turkey & American Cheese LunchMakers® + Drink are a perfect take along snacks for our outdoor adventures to keep the hangry munchies away so we can enjoy our time together outdoors! I recently picked some up at our recently remodeled, big and beautiful Meijer near the deli meats. They also have some tasty looking Nacho, Pepperoni Pizza and Chicken and American cheese versions to suit all the taste buds in your crew! 

I love that the Ham and Cheese Lunchmakers® + Drink and the Turkey and Cheese Lunchmakers® + Drink are a good source of calcium and protein to help fuel up my kiddos for our adventures! A nice bonus is the treats are made with real fruit #score! These portable snacks came in super handy on our dreary and blustery day adventure. My daughter loved them and it’s nice to know they are getting higher protein options while we are on the go adventuring!  

Water bottles are key. 

Even with the delicious drinks above it’s nice to have a full water bottle that can be used for drinking or cleaning up a scrape or for cooling off when it’s hot. We normally grab two adult size water bottles to have on hand and share for our adventures.

A backpack for hands-free packing. 

I like using a backpack to carry all of our extra gear and “just in case” items. This keeps me hands free and ready to explore with the kids! I have a “nice” backpack but for our more rugged adventures we like to take my husbands lightweight and waterproof one!

Small first aid kit

We’ve never had the need to use something big or a real emergency on our little adventures, but some bandaids and antibiotic ointment have been very helpful! I also consider bug spray and sunscreen a part of this little kit! We keep a travel size one of each together with our first aid kit in our backpack.

GPS, phone and map. 

“Someone” in our family once took some kids on an adventure and GOT LOST IN THE WOODS!   I was pregnant, tired, and we had been walking for a long time, thank goodness I had my phone and we were never really lost-lost! Always be sure to have your phone and tell someone where you are/where you are going! If you are going off the beaten path where cell signal is spotty a paper map to fall back on is huge! Maps are also fun for kids to follow along with and learn valuable life skills! My kids also love to write their own maps and lead the way! 

Bonus for little-littles: Something to carry the kids. This is a little less necessary now than it was a year ago, but if you have little having a hiking backpack or a baby carrier or all terrain stroller is really amazing! Because yes, mom and dad can carry some little people if they get tired, but we can’t carry them all! 

Even “spontaneous” adventures take a little planning when you have young children–and that’s totally ok! Be sure to check and double check you have these 7 Things To Never Forget On An Adventure with Kids and you’ll be off on your own family adventures in no time at all! 

Some of our family’s favorite adventure spots are local hiking trail are the Riverbluff Trail and France Park. There are probably some awesome gems in your own neighborhood or city that are just waiting to be explored by your little adventurers!

Where would you “adventure” with Armour Lunchmakers + Drink

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