Layla’s Birthday Weekend

What a weekend it has been! Friday morning was my daughter Layla’s birthday! For her birthday we created a big girl room for her from what was our office/guest room! The last three weeks we’ve spent a ton of time cleaning out the room, organizing, throwing stuff away, making curtains, crafting, shopping, and moving her things into the space so she could wake up to an “HGTV style” room reveal for her birthday!

Layla big girl room

I’m not going to give Joanna Gaines (love her designs!) a run for her money anytime soon, but I love this sweet little room we created for Layla. It’s also nice that she has most of her toys in there too! Of course, it did not stay picture perfect for long. By 10:00 it looked like this…

layla messy room

We spent a pretty low key day playing in her room, watching Curious George, coloring, and playing with her cousins who came to visit for her birthday party.

Layla cheesing

She’s such a sweetie! A spunky, independent sweetie, but a sweetie.

On Saturday we hung out with our family who came up for Layla’s party and ate lunch and Rise and Roll doughnuts together. Later in the afternoon we had Layla’s “bubble party” with friends and family. The kids had a “bubble run” (bubble wrap taped to the floor), decorated party hats, and of course, played with bubbles.

Birthday party collage


It was fun! And I basically collapsed at the end of it. 😛 It really wasn’t that complicated, but I still enjoy planning a party and her birthday is such a bright spot in the middle of a dull season!

Yesterday we woke up to the news that several people were tragically killed and others injured in a shooting spree right here in Kalamazoo. I can hardly wrap my mind around the fact that this happened HERE…at the places we shop, eat, and drive by multiple times a week. I’m incredibly saddened and just floored by how bizarre it seems, but over everything I am thankful to have a God who has promised to carry my burdens and never leave or forsake.  

surely quote

Makes you hold the people you love closer. Please pray for our community and the families of those affected.

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