A Blogger’s Thoughts on CoSchedule

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I really did not want to like Coschedule. At all.

I kept hearing good things about it…good reviews, quality bloggers that loved it….and I resisted. I was fine with my Word document calendar, thank you very much.

a blogger's thoughts on CoSchedule

Then I missed a social media promotion for an advertisor. Nothing happened, no sickness, no car trouble, no household emergency. I just straight up forgot. And the same day I signed up for a free trial of CoSchedule.

Because of all the reviews I had read I knew that it was a blog calendar application, but I didn’t realize ALL it could do! CoSchedule starts you out with a generous two week trial. You get the full version of the service to try out for absolutely free with no strings attached. The free trial is definitely what sold me on CoSchedule. Here are the features I discovered through the trial and continue using and LOVING to this day!

First off there is the actual calendar. I can schedule blog posts, add notes, and to-dos from the calendar feature. It’s super-easy to drag and drop items around too! So if I decide I want to move a post back a couple days, it’s no problem–just drag and drop and boom! It is ready to go. I also like that I can color code my categories because I am an organizational freak and so I make sure I am hitting all my categories evenly at a glance. Plus it makes the calendar extra pretty!

Coschedule Calendar

Second, there is the amazing social media scheduling tool. This is what really takes CoSchedule to that “I can’t ever go back” place in my heart. At the bottom of each post you have an option to schedule social media for the post as soon as when you write it! You can schedule it for the same day, next week, or months out. I love this feature because it prompts me to keep my older, high quality posts in circulation on social media and it makes it so easy to schedule them out in advance.

Coschedule Social Media Scheduler

Finally, there is a really neat feature that tracks your top posts on social media. I love to check it out about once a week and schedule some pins from my older posts that still bring me a lot of traffic. It also helps me to see what type of posts are still getting attention on social media so I can plan for similar type posts in the future.

Coschedule top posts

I also love that you can do any of the above things right from WordPress or you can do it on the CoSchedule website. It really is so simple, yet an incredibly effective tool for bloggers! CoSchedule also has courses in social media you can take that teach you about trends and best practices for tweeting and posting on various platforms. Plans start at $10 a month–it is money well spent and you can start off with a free trial just like I did!!

Have you used CoSchedule? Ever had a free trial that you totally loved?

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  1. I’ve heard positive things about co-schedule from two bloggers, and I always need scheduling help, so I think… I will take the leap and try it. Thanks for the push Kate!

    1. The free trial is awesome and a good way to decide whether or not it is for you. But then you get hooked. Haha!

    1. Yeah, it is really great! I’m considering board booster after EBA, but I did the free trial for it and somehow got it set up wrong so it was only pinning the same two pins like a million times! Ack! It was so terrible that I am a little scarred from it. lol!

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