Visiting Shipshewana Indiana

I mentioned in my last post that I was Visiting Shipshewana Indiana to hang out with my mom for the day and I wanted to share a bit of our fun with you.  If you ever want to take a day trip to Northern Indiana Shipshewana is the place to go—theirs tons of shopping, amazing food, and you can learn about religion!
We went to Yoders and E & S Sales which are two essential shopping places in Shipshe.  Yoders is a big hardware/home goods/fabric store and E&S; Sales is a bulk food store.  I always stock up on spices, oats, quinoa and other dry goods there.  My steal this week was a bag of dried banana chips for 0.94!
Rise and roll bakery in Shipshewana indiana
We then went to a new-to-us place the Rise and Roll Bakery between Shipshewana and Middlebury.  They had a lot of canned goods (fruits, salsas, jams, pie filling) along with tons of amazing baked goods (cookies, breads, doughnuts) that all had free samples!  *cue angelic choir*
A day trip to Shipshewana Indiana
We also ate lunch there.  Do you see my giant sandwich? It was only 3.29!!  Take that subway! 😉  You also got a free 8 oz cup of coffee which was splendid.  Also, how cute is my mom? So cute!
photo (8)
I also spied these bacon (center) and toffee (right) covered doughnuts!! What?!?  But their doughnuts were THE BEST I’ve ever eaten—we got some of the cinnamon-caramel after tasting a sample.

Miller's Mill in Middlebury Indiana

Then we were off to one of my favorite places—the Miller’s Mill.  Every fall growing up my mom would pack up us kids super early in the morning and we would meet friends or the occasional grandparent there to make apple cider.  We always had those small powdered sugar doughnuts and hot chocolate from thermoses while we waited to press our apples. Wonderful memories.
photo (12)
Is it just me or did that tree house shrink? Anyways, the apples have been so bad here that we didn’t press any this year, but we did stop by and get some maple syrup and cider.
The Davis Mercantile in Shipshewana Indiana
Our final stop was The Mercantile Building in downtown Shipshewana.  My mom was busy looking at quilt making fabric and I mostly just wandered around.  The Mercantile is very cool because it was built using traditional Amish construction and has a huge tree in the center of it.
And that was our day!  We left a little poorer and in a slight food coma, but that is to be expected when you are visiting Shipshewana Indiana!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I remember as a kid going to Oak Glen, California and picking apple season. It was really fall until then. The seasons don't "change" her like they do in the other parts of the country 🙁

  2. What a fun town and stores to shop in. I would love to eat that bacon covered doughnut…..It even looks yummy in the picture!

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