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A Day in the Food

Hey guys! I don’t do this very often, okay, I basically never do this, but I thought I would share a day in the food with you.  As a disclaimer I would like to say I AM marathon training so I’m eating like a 14 year old boy—and it’s totally awesome!

Marathon training has changed my approach to food; I’ve felt wary of food since I was 16 and went on my first diet.  I’ve often categorized food as “good” and “bad”, “cheating and “on track”.  It really is a total perspective change to think of food as positive fuel for my body and my appetite as my gas gauge, telling me what and how much to eat. I’ve been craving PB&J a LOT.    My body must know I need the sustaining whole grain carbs from the bread, the protein from the peanut butter and the shot of sugar from the jam.  So I listen to my body and eat PB&J!

I like this new way of eating, but I’m not sure how sustainable it will be after I’m not burning tons of calories from running. I’m thinking about researching the intuitive eating concept more—anyone out there adapted this way of eating or done any research on it?  Give me your thoughts!

Okay, enough rambling and psycho-babbling! On to the FOOD!



Barbara’s Bakery Shredded Oats is my new favorite cereal!  I eat it literally everyday.  I get stuck on a breakfast food and eat it constantly for a few months until I get sick of it.  And orange juice, I’m really loving orange juice.

Snack 1:


Dates pre 4 mile interval training run. I’m loving dates for natural running fuel!



Leftover taco meat with salsa and fajita veggies.  Pineapple for dessert and water to drink.  I always have to end my meals with something sweet and fruit is my favorite! Well, besides cheesecake.

Snack 2:


1/2 Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich with whole wheat bread, all natural peanut butter, and my mom’s fabulous homemade strawberry jam.



Dinner was at camp: giant salad with chicken breast and about a half cup of pasta and tomato sauce.



Yeah that’s peach crisp made by our fabulous GLM culinary team. Couldn’t say no to that!

So that’s a day in the food for Kate!  I have no idea how many calories this was or how many calories I burned running.  It just is what it is. And I’m okay with that!

How do you approach eating?  Points, calories, paleo, vegan?

PS The Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil giveaway winner is: Jen Hughes!  Yay Jen!  Contact me to claim your prize! 

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  1. Your eating on marathon training is not so different to my eating all of the time 😛 On my long run days, my carbohydrate intake goes up heaps – but I would prefer to have things more balanced out so I am working on getting a more even spread over the week. Anyway, everything here looks great and I love that running has changed your perspective on food 🙂 I run on dates too – best natural sugar hit around!

    1. Yay carbs! 😀 Completely agree about dates–their only downside is they are hard to transport…I just have little baggies of them. lol!

    1. That makes me feel SO GOOD! haha! I was actually nervous posting the volume of a normal days eats for me…glad to know I’m not alone. 🙂

  2. Well, if you solely looked at my eating from yesterday, you would think that I counted my food in jelly beans and Reese’s eggs. yesterday was BAD. I usually just track general calories with a focus on clean eats and protein!

    1. Lol! Yeah, I think we all have days like that…I have been a calorie tracker (or points tracker) for a long time…it definitely is my groove.

  3. LOVE FOOD! Get excited to eat! LOL… If you watch my latest video, you’ll see that I do not eat wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, soy or nuts! (and I don’t even eat fruit)… All thanks to my amazing large intestine… Oh wait, lack there of! 😉

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