Across A Cup of Coffee January 2018

Across A Cup of Coffee January 2018

If we were sitting across a cup of coffee that coffee would be VERY hot. I would clutch it tight in my hands for warmth and would be bundled up in a cozy sweater and a big ole scarf because it is dang cold out. After we commiserated about the cold, snow, difficulty driving, and cooped up kids I would ask you about your resolutions or goals for the year. Did you make any? Do you have a word for the year?

My word for the year is VIBRANCE. It’s been stirring in me for a while now so it was an easy choice for me. I feel like in the last 4 years (since becoming a mom) I’ve lost some of my vibrance. I’ve been in survival mode. And it’s okay to be in survival mode because being pregnant, having a new baby, getting your bearings as a mom is hard. Doing it 3 times in 3.5 years is a wee bit insane. But I’m ready to feel vibrant again. To have a vibrant faith, marriage, spirit, and body. There are a lot of pieces that go into that vibrant life: Bible reading, date nights, travel, weight loss, running again, intentional parenting, putting down the phone, decluttering. Some of those are concrete goals (like I shared here) and others are more fluid concepts, but I’m excited about this new year and living it with vibrance.

If we were sitting across a cup of coffee I’d ask if you have any good, cozy recipes you’ve made recently. I’m always looking for something delicious and easy and healthy and that the kids will like (I don’t ask for much). We’ve been eating a lot of these Buffalo Chicken Bowls and any soup I can make in the crockpot! I’ve been toying with the idea of getting an instant pot too….they seem so convenient, but do I want another small appliance?

Buffalo Chicken Bowls - Delicious, healthy and so easy!

If we were having coffee you may notice mine is black or at least not sugar-laden. That is because this past week I started Weight Watchers again. If we are new friends this may surprise you, but if we are old it probably doesn’t because I lost weight with WW back in 2011/2012 and again in 2015 after having Layla. There is something about going to a literal place every week and seeing my weight loss progress in black and white that helps me stay focused on this journey. I might confess to you that it sometimes almost embarrasses me that left to my own devices I get of track easily; but I have to embrace what works for me and so far this is it. I’ll keep you posted on how my progress goes.

If we were having coffee I would probably need to wrap up soon, but not before I told you a funny story about my kids. They are so cute/crazy these days–I’m amazed how fast they are growing. Layla likes to conclude any interactions with “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!” She also tells us when we leave to drive safely. ???? Barrett is in a verbal explosion period and it is so cute to hear him start to really use his words and even form sentences now! My baby is growing up! Griffin, the real baby, is cute as a button! While I do love the sweet, snuggly newborn stage, I’m grateful for more sleep and a consistent routine with him now that he is four months.

Speaking of, the sweet little is up and needing mommy so I’m off. Thanks for stopping by to chat today!

What are your goals for this year? Did you pick a “word of the year”? 

Any favorite recipes to share? Instant Pot– yay or nay? 

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  1. Happy 2018! What a great word for the year! Mine is intentional (and, as I write this at 12:22am from my bed, I’m not doing a great job at it today).

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