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Netflix & Amazon Prime Original shows – Can we talk about The Crown season 2? So good! Also, watched The Christmas Prince which is the most corny, cliche Christmas movie ever, but I watched it and loved/hated it. Like the rest of the internet. Any other Hallmark-type movies you’d recommend? Also, Puffin Rock is such an adorable kids show. Not annoying, cute accents, learning about nature and wildlife. Layla was so excited to see puffins at the St. Louis zoo thanks to this show! Also, on Amazon prime I loved The Marvelous Mrs Maizel and The Big Sick.

Christmas shopping – Who doesn’t love Christmas shopping? I’ve been doing most of mine online this year since getting out and about without the kids is next to impossible and taking three kids shopping is a great way to suck the joy out of the season. ????¬†Amazon.com and Target.com are my good friends. I’ve also picked up a couple small things for stocking stuffers while we’ve been out. Easy-peasy.

christmas tree

Simple Ways to Save – Since this is high shopping season I have been using two apps to earn me some extra money, just for shopping. The first one I use is Ibotta. You add rebates to your app and then scan in your receipts and get rewards! So easy! And I’ve earned $20 since getting it in October! Use this link to get $10 when you sign up and redeem your first offer! The second one I just started using around Black Friday and that is Ebates! I had this before a long time ago and it was a hassle so I never used it, but now it integrates with Google Chrome and you can earn a percentage of your online shopping back with the click of a button. So when I’m shopping at Target I see a small pop up at the top of my computer asking me if I want to activate 2% cash back (or something like that), I click it, check out normally and boom! I get cash back. You can use this link for a $10 ebates credit to start off your account! I know neither are making me rich but it’s nice to have a Starbucks money money to use for responsible adult things.

Christmas traditions – We’ve decked the tree, done our Advent wreath, looked at lights, and gone “wassailing” in our little town square. It’s crazy, we’ve done the wassailing every year since we moved to Michigan 5 years ago, and SO much has changed. It was fun to think back to the first couple years with just us, then Layla’s first year when one of our interns was thrilled to babywear her all night, and now we add this year crafting, eating cookies, and drinking wassail with 3 KIDDOS (!!!) in the freezing cold!


Less is moreWe’ve had lots of quiet days cozying in since Thanksgiving. Partly because sometimes when we TRY to do fun things they can quickly disintegrate into chaos trying to juggle the needs of a preschooler, toddler, and infant. So I’m trying to take the pressure off myself to do all the crafting, baking, and fun events and just BE. It’s the little things that mean the most and we will have lots of other years to go big! This year we are going small.

He is our peace

How about you? What’s one big thing going on with you this week?¬†

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  1. We are keeping it real simple too with 3 littles it is a magical time of year. We have enjoyed the snow and decorating the tree and house. My oldest children are enjoying the elf on the shelf with their younger siblings. Honestly, I still want to go to see Santa and bake cookies, but I can’t see it happening due to the busiest of the season. The biggest thing I am doing this week is on Thursday, their is a 6th grade Christmas program that the music and I (the art teacher) put on this time of year. Its been crazy at work/school trying to finish everything.

    Have a blessed week,


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