Active Fall Fun

Happy Labor Day!  In honor of my favorite season here are 10 ideas for active fall fun! We all know we need to be more active. Exercise is a great mood booster, fends off disease, and keeps us fit and trim. But sometimes going to the gym and climbing on the stairmaster for 30 minutes sounds more like medieval torture. And there’s lots of t.v. to watch and pizza to be ate. But I believe being active can be TONS of fun–you just need a little creativity!

1. Go on a bike ride with a friend or as a date. Feel free to go slowly, stop, look at garage sales, take in the scenery, laugh, have fun together.

active fall fun
2. Extreme Leaf Catching is a game my friend made up. Basically you try to catch leaves as they fall from trees before they hit the ground. Whoever collects the most leaves is the winner. This is a great game to play with friends or kids!

3. Go to a farm and spend the day picking apples. You will get a great cardio and strength workout as you tote those baskets of apples around, plus you get to enjoy the literal fruits of your labor!

picking apples
4. Visit a corn maze and race your friends to see who can finish first!

5. Organize a group to rake leaves of yards in your neighborhoods. Leave a “pass on the love” card at the door of each house. Try to be as sneaky and fast as you can! Your arms will thank you and when you spread kindness it has a way of coming back to you.

6. Play a pickup game of touch football or just toss the pigskin around during halftime of a game. Getting your blood pumping is great!

7. Do a “football challenge workout” while watching the game!  Assign fitness activities to plays like “Every pass interference is 10 burpees” or “every quarterback throws for touchdown is 20 jumping jacks”. Here is my version: College Football Workout! Get creative so you don’t end up with your butt on the couch all day long!

play football

8. Take a family walk or jog in a neighborhood that decorates for Halloween.

9. Pick your own pumpkins from the field and haul them back to the car. Props if you have multiple kids and have to make multiple trips.

fall in michigan

10. Run around Starbucks 10 times before your pumpkin spice latte. Winking smile

Let’s look for every day fun little ways to get moving and enjoying this beautiful season!

How do you get out and active in the fall?

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  1. Are these recent pictures?! If so, wow – you guys already have legit Fall! That’s nuts. Our leaves are still veryy much green and only started falling. Great ideas for a fun Fall though for sure. I definitely want to go apple picking and pumpkin patch this year!

    1. No, no…these are recycled photos from last Fall. We have a few leaves changing, but not the full color spectrumw we’ll see here in October. 🙂

  2. I made a fall bucket list last year and made my fiance do a million things with me– this year i might give him a year off! (:

    1. Haha! We always do pumpkin carving and have made cider from apples a few times. But I love fall and always want to make the most of it!

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