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Advent Bible Reading Plan {2022}

During the Christmas season we can often get caught up in the busyness of the season and forget to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas– the birth of Jesus. An Advent Bible reading plan can help us focus on God’s Word and His beautiful gifts to us during the Advent season.

white wreath and red candles behind text overlay "2022 Advent Bible reading plan"

What is Advent?

While you may see a chocolate Advent calendar or a lego Advent calendar serving as a countdown to Christmas in the secular world, for the church Advent is more than just a countdown to Christmas.

During the month of December followers of Jesus around the world reflect on the nativity story and what the birth of Christ means for our faith. The 4 Sundays leading up to Christmas Day are the Sundays of Advent. It technically begins four Sundays before Christmas.

Bible open for Advent readings underneath a Christmas tree

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How to celebrate Advent as a family

Traditionally the family gathers around an advent wreath with four candles in the wreath and one candle in the center. These candles represent Jesus Christ as the light of the world. Traditionally, three outer candles are dark purple, one is a lavender and the center candle is white.

Traditional advent wreath with greenery and dark purple candles, lavender candle and white Christ candle

Although you may enjoy a traditional Advent wreath you can also use any five candles and be as creative or simple as you like for your family or church!

three small children sit on big couch holding the christmas promise book with smiles on their faces

Our current Advent set up is a weathered tray with four white candle votives I picked up at the Target dollar spot and one large candle in the center. I place some extra garland, ornaments and picks around the candles to customize it and make it homey. I love that we can easily move it from our dining table to our coffee table depending on where we are having our Advent family devotional time.

Advent Set Up Recommendations

two sets of advent candles on tray and in traditional wreath

The first Sunday of Advent only one candle is lit. The second two are lit and one added each Sunday until finally, all the candles are lit on Christmas day.

Generally there are special Advent readings reflecting on attributes of God or elements of the Christmas story the family or church reads together while the candles remain lit. Sometimes Christmas carols are sung and then at the end candle is blown out.

While many denominations celebrate Advent differently it’s a wonderful time of year for all Christians to reflect on the different facets of the Christmas story. This Advent reading plan can be used individually, with your family, small groups or Sunday school class to help you prepare for the Christmas season. I pray they bless you as you reflect on the true meaning of Christmas this holiday season.

How to use this Advent study

Every week there are 6 daily Scripture readings for Monday-Saturday. You can read these on your own or with your family. For shorter reading days feel free to read the Bible verses and chapter surrounding the daily readings in order to better understand the context of what you are reading.

Dad with brown skin and curly hair reads Bible Advent readings to preschool daughter with braids and beads. She is a wearing a white shirt. Black mom with small son in blue jammies looks on.

More faith and family resources for Christmas

Then, once a week on Sunday, gather your family (friends, roommates, Bible study group) together and read through the Weekly Bible Reading passage while lighting your candles and having your Advent time. The younger kids reading is suggested as a supplement for preschool and elementary age kids for this family Advent time.

Advent Bible Reading Plan

Bible open to Luke 1 Advent readings for church and families

This Advent reading plan incorporates both the old and new testaments to get a full picture of the anticipation and arrival of Jesus.

Week 1: The Promises

This week’s Scriptures incorporates the Old Testament prophecies and God’s promises about the coming King, Jesus.

Daily Bible Readings:

Day 1: Genesis 3:15

Day 2: Psalm 89:3-4

Day 3: Isaiah 7:14

Day 4: Isaiah 9:6-7

Day 5: Isaiah 15:5

Day 6: Micah 5:2, 4

Weekly Bible Reading: Isaiah 9:2-7

Younger kids reading suggestion: The Christmas Promise

Week 2: The Announcements

This week’s Bible reading focuses on the announcement of John’s birth to his parents and Jesus’ birth to Mary and Joseph.

Daily Bible Readings:

Day 1: Luke 1:1-24

Day 2: Luke 1:26-38

Day 3: Luke 1:39-45

Day 4: Luke 1:46-56

Day 5: Matthew 1:1-17

Day 6: Matthew 1:18-25

Weekly Bible Reading: Matthew 1:21-23; Luke 1:31-33

Younger kids reading suggestion: Mary’s First Christmas

Large text meeting Jesus is the greatest gift of Christmas with tree and presents behind

Week 3: The Shepherds

This week’s Bible passages feature the classic Christmas story as well as John’s more theatric version which uses contrasting themes of light and dark to highlight Jesus’ arrival.

Daily Bible Readings:

Day 1: Luke 1:57-80

Day 2: Luke 2:1-7

Day 3: Luke 2:8-21

Day 4: John 1:1-13

Day 5: John 1:14-18

Day 6: Philippians 2:5-11

Weekly Bible Reading: Luke 2:10-14

Younger kids reading suggestion: The Littlest Watchmen

Week 4: The wise men (and woman)

This week focuses on the wise men and one wise woman who were a significant part of Jesus early days.

Daily Bible Readings:

Day 1: Matthew 2:1-8

Day 2: Matthew 2:9-12

Day 3: Matthew 2:13-18

Day 4: Matthew 2:19-23

Day 5: Luke 2:22-35

Day 6: Luke 2:36-40

Weekly Bible Reading: Luke 2:30-32, Matthew 2:11

Younger kids reading suggestion: Humphrey’s First Christmas

Christmas day: Luke 2:1-21

Advent Bible reading plan bookmark PDF

I’ve created this cute, Christmas-y bookmark (8 x 3 inches) with the Advent reading plan on it so you can have a convenient way to track your Bible reading this December! Simply submit your email and then you will receive access to download and print the digital file.

I like the bookmark size because it can easily tuck right inside your Bible!

The best advent Scripture readings text with traditional advent wreath and candles

An Advent Bible reading plan is a meaningful way to reflect and center your heart on Jesus during the season of Advent. If you get behind simply skip to the appropriate day-no need to make up– just be intentional about seeking Jesus during this season. Don’t worry about doing it perfectly! Meeting Jesus is the greatest gift of Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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