Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Results

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Results

Hey! So if you remember  last week we started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, which begins with a 10 day cleanse. We are now finished with the cleanse portion! A quick rundown of what the cleanse portion involved:

Katie (breastfeeding modification)

  • Morning fiber drink–drink it fast or it’ll get thick, but not too bad. Take probiotic.
  • 30 minutes later eat healthy breakfast, take omegaplex (Omega 3 supplement) and multivitamin with iron.
  • Eat a mid-morning snack of apple and peanut butter
  • Eat healthy lunch (protein, carb & vegetable)
  • Drink a spark (energy enhancer loaded with good stuff!)
  • Eat a healthy snack–banana and almonds
  • Dinner (protein, carb, & vegetable
  • Evening snack of fruit and healthy fat, if hungry.
  • Take an additional omegaplex before bed.

I never saw a dip in my milk supply and have felt great so far!


Nate did the regular version; he didn’t take the fiber drink everyday and he took an additional fiber cleanse pill before bed. Technically, the carbs at dinner were optional for him, but he pretty much ate them every night and still had great results. He also utilized the meal replacement shakes more often for breakfast since he’s normally running out the door for work.

In full disclosure on Saturday night we ate pizza and drank pop with our family after a busy day of work on our house.  We knew it, owned it and got right back at it afterwards.

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Results:


Weight Loss: 5.4 pounds

Inches Lost: 2.75 inches


10 Day cleanse I’m not noticing a huge difference…maybe a bit in my stomach, also a different bra makes a difference too. Haha! 😉 The biggest thing I notice is my face is looking slimmer.


I didn’t get the exact same shot head-on, but again I definitely see it more in my jawline area. And I like my hair better with bangs! Lol! Anyways, we are only partway through…here are Nate’s results!


Weight Loss: 11 pounds

Inches Lost: 2.75 inches

Overall I’m really happy with our results so far! There are NO magic pills and we definitely have been doing the work by eating clean.  I think the great thing about the supplements and shakes is that they helped reduce the intensity of cravings and really support the healthy eating piece. Yes, I wanted cupcakes. But I was never really hungry. And I didn’t get sugar withdrawl headaches. I was religious about drinking my water too!

My goal for the Max Phase of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge is to workout 5 days a week–with moving it has been tough to fit in workouts! But I want to make it a priority and really hone in for the last two weeks. #letsdothis

Let me know if you have any questions–and you can browse the Advocare products if you’re interested. I did lots of internet-stalking before I decided to start the challenge! haha!

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  1. I am really curious about this cleanse – I am nursing too so that makes it difficult. It seems like most cleanses shouldn’t be done while breastfeeding so I liked seeing this. And I can see a difference plus the numbers don’t lie! Hey, I have a Fitness Friday link up each week, you should link up!

    1. Hey Danielle! Yes, I was a little wary of a cleanse too while nursing, but it truly has been great! No dip in my supply at all, but my daughter is 8 months and my supply has been well established for awhile. 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions at all though!

  2. I really just have a question. I am thinking of doing the 24 day Advocare Challenge. You lost a good amount of weight and look great. I am truly hoping my results are the same! It’s been over 6 months since you did it. Are you still pleased with the results? Do you still use any of the products? Was it worth it?

    1. Great question! I gained back about 5-6 pounds over the holidays. In February I started Weight Watchers and have slowly taken off 9 pounds leaving me currently three pounds under my weight when I finished the 24 Day Challenge. I am actually looking to start another challenge next week or as soon as my product comes in. I did NOT do the greatest with following the 80/20 principle after the challenge. For the last two weeks I reordered Spark and Cataylst. I think it’s important to NOT look at day 25 of the 24 day challenge as “the end” but a starting point.

    1. Thank you! My aunt and uncle use Isaagenix and my uncle has lost over 100 pounds in a year! They look awesome and it is working great for them! I actually almost did Isagenix but I got it confused with Advocare and then I was breastfeeding and couldn’t do Isagenix anyways. lol! Two good (and similar) programs!

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