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My Results: Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Review

Hey! So on Monday I completed the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse and wanted to give you my thoughts and results on the full cleanse experience. So here is my unbiased Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Review! 

You can also read more about the first cleanse I did while I was breastfeeding and my results on that adjusted program.

About the 10 Day Cleanse

Overall the Advocare Cleanse is not crazy.

It’s not a juice cleanse. 

You eat real food.  

The supplements you need all come in a nice bundle, but the cleanse uses probiotic, fiber drink, herbal cleanse pills, Spark drink, and Omegaplex (an omega3 supplement).

It really isn’t too hard to get the rhythm of the supplements, but I did set an alarm on my phone for the herbal cleanse pills that you take right before bed.  You don’t eat any sugar, processed foods, fried foods, fake sugar or white breads.

There is a very limited amount of dairy and whole grains you can eat a day as well.

What a day looks like on the Advocare Cleanse: 

  • Morning fiber drink–drink it fast or it’ll get thick, but not too bad. Take probiotic.
  • 30 minutes later eat healthy breakfast, take omegaplex (Omega 3 supplement) and multivitamin with iron.
  • Eat a mid-morning snack of apple and peanut butter
  • Eat healthy lunch (protein, carb & vegetable)
  • Drink a spark (energy enhancer loaded with good stuff!)
  • Eat a healthy snack–banana and almonds
  • Dinner (protein, carb, & vegetable)
  • Evening snack of fruit and healthy fat, if hungry.
  • Take an additional omegaplex before bed.
Just say no! (At least during the Challenge!)

The worst part of the cleanse (besides no ice cream!) is taking the fiber drink, but if you get the Peaches and Cream or the Unflavored variety it isn’t so bad–you just drink it quick and it’s done.

The instructions are all laid out well in the kit and you can also touch base with your coach for any questions you have.

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My Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Review and Results

On the cleanse portion of the 24 Day Challenge I lost 3.2 pounds and 1.75 inches.


I’m happy with those results and I’m excited to see what the Max phase (the next two weeks) brings; during this phase I will continue to eat within the same parameters and take a variety of supplements.

Advocare 10 day cleanse resutls

Left to right: End of first 10 day cleanse, end of first 24 day challenge, end of second 10 day cleanse.

I’m continuing to workout 5 times a week, primarily doing a mix of running and strength training.

I also got a Garmin VivoSmart for Mother’s Day and I love that it challenges me to stay active and moving throughout the day! Overall, I am happy with my cleanse results and the Advocare products I’ve been using. 

Have you ever tried Advocare products before? Done a cleanse before? 

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