Maybe you have a friend who has lost weight using the 24 Day Challenge. Maybe you watched the Advocare commercial featuring Drew Brees. Maybe you saw a bumper sticker or read a blog post. Whatever brought you here–welcome!

My Story

If you’ve read this blog before you know that in November of 2014 I did my first Advocare challenge.I was discouraged by my lack of weight loss after having my baby and I was honestly fed up–nothing I had been doing before (counting points and calories) was working. I needed something new!  I kind of stumbled into Advocare on accident, but I spent time researching the 24 Day Challenge and was convinced it was the right program for me.

During those 24 days I lost 12 pounds and 5.5 inches!  Did I mention that we moved during that time? And I had an 8 month old baby?

Advocare 24 Day Challenge review

My husband did the first challenge with me and he lost 20 pounds! 20 pounds! It was a great shift in our perspective on eating and definitely NOT a quick fix. We were successful becasue we did the work.

I did my second Advocare Challenge in May of 2015 and lost another 5 pounds and 4 inches!

What is the 24 Day Challenge?


From the Advocare 24 Day Challenge Site:

The 24-Day Challenge is a comprehensive supplementation and nutrition program designed to give your body the jumpstart it needs to help you reach your goals. There’s something for everyone whether you are looking for weight management, energy, overall body composition or overall wellness. Thousands of people have experienced success on the 24-Day Challenge – you could be next! 

Nutrition During the challenge you eat:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Lean protein (fish, eggs, meat, beans)
  • Healthy fats (almonds, nuts, avacado, olive and coconut oil) in moderation
  • Healthy carbohydrates (sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa, Ezekial bread, oats)

During the challenge you avoid:

  • Sugar
  • Processed food
  • White carbohydrates and grains
  • Dairy
  • Fried foods

Basically, it is a “clean diet” full of nutritious foods! I found it actually wasn’t hard to eat this way; it’s easier for me to be black and white about foods and after the first week my cravings reduced significantly. See all the meals we ate during our first challenge hereAdvocare 24 Day Challenge Meal Plan


During the challenge you take a variety of supplements. Don’t be scared! Yes, it is a lot, but Advocare provides you with checklists and they even have an app now to help you navigate the 24 Day Challenge.


Advocare recommends 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week for optimal results. I personally love a mix of strength training, running, and yoga to feel my best. Try to find an activity you love!

To sign up for the 24 Day Challenge visit my shop. There is a regular 24 Day Challenge pre-built for you on the main page, which includes all my favorite products for a succesful 24 Day Challenge! There is also a breastfeeding-friendly challenge there as well for you mamas.

mother daughter running

Ongoing Healthy Lifestyle

To keep up my ongoing healthy lifestyle I use the following products: Spark, Catalyst, Omegaplex, and Probiotic. I eat “challenge friendly” foods 80% of the time and the rest of the time I splurge (basically 1-2 splurges a week). Advocare has supplements that are used by pro-athletes (Drew Breeze!) and weightlifters too. There is definitely something for everyone!

Becoming a Distributor

Being a distributor is kind of like buying a membership at Costco. You pay a fee and then you get all your products at a discount. When we first signed up we bought two challenges (one for me and one for Nate) and it was actually cheaper to become a Distributor and get the two packs at a discount! You absolutely DON’T have to sell anything if you are a distributor; use the discount for yourself, grow your business later or not at all. Follow these steps to get all set up to start saving 20% on Advocare: 

1. Go to my Advocare shop.

2. At the top click on “Become a Distributor”. At the next page, click Become a Distributor button.

3. You will go to a distributor sign up page. Please make sure your sponsor is Katherine Scott. (That’s me! We’re in this together!) You do need to put in your social security number on this page because if you sell more than $600 Advocare is legally required to send you a 1099. You can also easily set up an EIN with the IRS here so you don’t have to use your SSN.

4. Yay! You are now a distributor. You should recieve an email confirmatin with your unique number and can log in and purchase items at a discount in your shop. Advocare will also send you a welcome package with lots of goodies, like Spark! Share your shop with others too and you can start making a little “walking around money” or turn Advocare into a part-time business.

If you sign up with me as your sponsor I can get you plugged into a couple really cool Advocare Facebook groups that are amazing for encouragement and accountability too!

What questions do you have about Advocare or the 24 Day Challenge? 

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