All Natural Cradle Cap Remedy

“Why does my baby have dandruff?”

I remember googling this after my daughter was born because the term cradle cap wasn’t familiar at all! Over time (3 kids later!) I’ve found some amazing cradle cap remedies that I want to share with you today! This was definitely a process and something I feel like I’ve really honed over time and found the best products and system that works for us!

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All Natural Cradle Cap Remedy

All Natural Cradle Cap Remedy

  1. Rub oil onto your child’s scalp, concentrating in the affected area. (I am currently using my Monat Rejuvanique oil which is an all natural combination 13+ natural plant and essential oils rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients! I love it so much and you just need a few droppers, it is so concentrated! I have also used Jojoba oil or coconut oil.) Let sit 10-15 minutes.
  2. Next I use a cradle cap brush’s rubber bristles to massage the scalp and it should start to loosen up the flakes. Your baby may not enjoy this (the holding still or the rubbing) but do your best and be firm but gentle on the scalp–baby’s head shouldn’t be bleeding or anything!
  3. Using the fine tooth comb end of the brush to comb out the flakes. Begin at the scalp and gently pull through, cleaning out the brush as needed.
  4. Once you’ve gotten a fair bit of the flakes out place child in bath. Rinse hair with warm water.
  5. Gently massage a small amount of all natural baby shampoo onto child’s hair and scalp. Let set for 1 minute. Rinse out. Comb through hair again with fine tooth comb, pulling out any remaining flakes that the shampoo may have loosened.

Continue to use an all natural baby shampoo and repeat the whole process once a week or as buildup occurs. Recently I purchased the Monat Junior line and I am loving it for how clean and soft and tangle free it makes my kids’ hair! Not to mention the continued success I’ve seen using it for Griffin’s cradle cap! His thick hair hides it well, but even using store bought regular shampoo and the oil treatment was not cutting it for his little scalp!

Our favorite all natural shampoo and conditioner for kids

Layla is also using it to grow her “Rapunzel hair”. Her hair is super fine and prone to breakage she has never been able to grow it much further out than her collarbone, so we will keep you updated on operation Rapunzel hair! It’s already looking thicker and less damaged than when it was the same length at the beginning of summer! The detangling spray is also a DREAM and has quelled a lot of morning battles around combing hair. (I know you girl mamas can relate!)

Layla ann

Favorite Hairbrush and Tools

Also, that little brush from amazon is worth it’s weight in GOLD! Something about the way it works with the oil to scrub up the flakes is so effective. I also kind of find it oddly soothing to comb out the flakes. I know that probably makes me a weirdo, but, oh well. I love that my little one can enjoy a nice and clean scalp and that’s totally normal!!  We also really love this Wetbrush for combing smoothly through hair! I need to actually order another one because Nate and I keep using Layla’s!

If you have any questions about the Monat products or my cradle cap remedies please let me know! I’m happy to answer questions as best I can in the comments!

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