April Blogging Income Report

Like last month I wanted to post an update on my blog statistics and income for the month. I love that this keeps me accountable and hopefully is inspiring for those who want to make an income blogging and informative on the behind the scenes stuff for my regular readers.

April Blogging Income Report

I had 23,000 pageviews in April (highest to date!) and I’m thrilled with that! Thanks for reading, sharing and overall being awesome!

April Revenue:

Sponsored Posts: $125

Content Creation: $125

Social Media only campaigns: $175

Ads: $19.76

Amazon Affiliates: $1.20

Total Revenue: $445.96

Average Revenue per month: $405

March Expenses: 

Dollar Photo Club: $10

CoSchedule: $10

Elite Blog Academy (12 Week Blogging Course + access for life to community resources): $324

Hosting and Domain Name: $7.50

Total Expenses: $351.50

Income less Expenses: $94.46

As you can see most of my income this month came from sponsored social media posts, but overall it was pretty well divided between sponsored posts, social media and content creation. Most of the sponsored promotion I did this month also included product compensation, but I didn’t include that in my numbers. Also, this is what I earned this April, but it won’t all get paid out until at least the end of May, more likely in June.

Celebrate your Superpower with the Avengers
One of my sponsored posts from the month of April

I’ve had a couple questions this month about getting started blogging. I started blogging almost 4 years ago and with no real agenda other than to have a creative outlet and to hold me accountable in my fitness journey. I think the three tips I would give someone about blogging would be:

  • Write about something you really like to talk about.
  • Be consistent with posting. Get yourself in a rhythm of posting and try to stick with it.
  • Constantly be learning. Being a successful blogger is a constant learning process and there is so much out there to learn. I think that is what I love about blogging so much!

My top recommendation for a book to read about blogging is Blogging on the Side. It is a comprehensive read–great for newbies to start on the right track and for those who have been around for awhile and want to take things to the next level.

Making an income blogging takes time and effort, but it is definitely doable even for a small blogger!

What behind the scenes questions do you have about blogging? 

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  1. I’m super impressed at your page views – and income! I’ve been blogging just over 4 years and my earnings are no where near that yet! This is my best month month for page views, nearing 20,000 so I’m pretty thrilled about that. Here’s hoping that EBA helps us both continue to grow!

    1. Yes! I am enjoying the course a lot, it is challenging me in good ways. My blog has a weird timeline so I’m not even sure how long I’ve been blogging. Haha! It was kind of off again on again for awhile. I love your blog name too!

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