August Blogging Income Report

This post contains affiliate links to products I use and love. 

Man, the months are just flying by! What happened to August?! If you are not into blogging, it’s totally okay for you to skip this post…I promise there will be more recipes, fitness tips, and all the other things next time. But if you are curious about the behind the scenes stuff or growing/monetizing your blog…read on!

august blogging income report


I had 27,000 pageviews in August and 22,0000 monthly visitors. I’m so overwhelmed by that number. I just can’t even, so thanks for reading, sharing and being a part of what we have going on here. My biggest referrers for the month were Google search, Pinterest, and Fitfluential. My social media followers grew by 70. I actually lost followers on Twitter & Instagram, but there are so many spam accounts that follow for follow and then give up when I don’t follow them back/am dying to know how they wrapped themselves skinny. #annoying I am pleased with both Facebook and Pinterest growth because that is generally where I see the most people converting to actual blog readers. This month I took some time are cleaned up my Pinterest boards, re-titling them, moving them around, deleting a TON of pins, and giving them in general a much more “curated” feel,which I think is helping my followers grow and pins get more traction.

show me the money

Great movie, great quote.


Sponsored Posts: $450

Social Media only campaigns: $250

Ads: $54

Affiliates: $0

Total Revenue: $754

2015 Average monthly revenue: $525 Yay! I hit my goal of averaging $500 a month of more this year! At least so far. 🙂 Thank YOU as always for reading, sharing my posts, and being an awesome community here.

In case you are curious I find my sponsored posts primarily through Mode Media (my ad agency), TapInfluence, Fitfluential, Collective Bias and Clever Girls Collective. If you were to ask me the “secret” of getting sponsored posts, I would say it is to be persistent and patient. I probably get 15% of the posts I apply for and of those I probably pass over 70% that aren’t a good fit for me. Also, when you do get a job, knock it out of the park! Take stunning pictures and really put effort into your storytelling and social media promotion.

Smoothe Bowl with Peaches


You got to spend money to make money, or at least that’s what they tell me.

CoSchedule (blog calendar & social media scheduling): $5

Tailwind (Pinterest scheduling tool–so great!): $10

Mailchimp (email service): $10

Blog hosting & site fees: $10

Total Expenses: $35

Income less Expenses: $719

 Blueberry cobbler-delicious


My top two posts during August were my Country Music Running Playlist (Yes! Country music lovers unite!) and my Lazy Day Blueberry Cobbler recipe. Running + Food is basically the essence of the blog, so I love that!


I have been toying for a while with the idea of donating a portion of the money I make from KMF to charity. And the refugee crisis really stirred in me this week so I decided to donate backpacks for refugee children through World Relief. I plan to make this a monthly occurence although I may donate to a different charity each time.

Also, I’m excited to partner this month as an affiliate with the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle! You guys, this is such a great deal on e-courses and e-books, plus tons of bonus offers too! There is a wide range of topics: tons of recipe books, fitness plans, tips for healthy kids, paleo/allergen resources, and natural home and remedy resources.  Follow this link to learn more about what’s available–but don’t wait too long–the offer closes on September 13th!

Thanks so much for reading! If you want more info on the blogging resources I use, check out this post.

What question would you like me to answer about blogging? 

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