Average or Awesome? Taking it to the Next Level

Hey there! I’m linking up to The Fit Dish this week! The gals have a great discussion question for this week so let’s dig in!

“What’s the difference between and average vs. awesome workout?”

First off I want to say there is NOTHING wrong with average. Average isn’t bad.

Average can actually be very, very good.

Average means consistency. And a lot of average workouts can lead to awesome results over time! I think an average workout is challenging, but not necessarily intense. For me this is a fast walk or steady run or basic strength training session. Average workouts are the ones I show up for–check off the list–and move on with my day. Like my walk yesterday–45 minutes, so long enough that I count it as a light workout, but nothing intense, mentally or physically. Probably 3-4 of my workouts a week are averag, get’rdone type workouts.


So what does it take to elevate a workout to awesome?

For me it’s…

  • Intensity–the workouts that I step up my game: with heavier weights, faster speeds and longer distances!
  • Attitude–my mental focus in all-in during my workout; I have a “I’m gonna crush it” mentality that helps me take things to the next level.
  • Great music–sometimes the right song can move me from average to awesome–all the sudden I’m moving faster, my attitude changes and a smile is on my face–I’m on top of the world!
  • Not at home–yeah, at-home workouts are great when you need them, but mostly my average workouts take place at home too. I find when I’m in the gym or out on a run or in a completely new environment, I’m more app to crank things up.

I love having awesome-adrenalin pumping, endorphin-high workouts! But I recognize that it’s not going to be like that every time. So I guess my bottom line is…Aim for awesome; accept average. 

Healthy Living Tip: Aim for awesome; accept average

What’s the difference between and average workout and an awesome workout for you?

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  1. I love how you started it out with explaining that average is good. That’s so true. We shouldn’t be disappointed if a workout is average. And I like how you put it, aim for awesome, accept average. those awesome workouts can be elusive, and it’s important to stay with it regardless, because they will come. and music, definitely helps! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I’m glad that you point out that average, consistent workouts are ok. Its true that most age group athletes spend too much of their training time in the middle, while pro’s train at low or high intensities (with 80% of their time in zone 1!). Having an average consistent day leaves you fresh for that high intensity session later in the week.

  3. Love love aim for awesome accept average. All workouts can’t be awesome but that’s what adds to the awesomeness when they are 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with the fit fam 🙂

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