Baby #2: 5 Month Pregnancy Update

Hey there! So I thought I would get into the habit of monthly sharing a pregnancy update with you all. It is certainly not the every other week update like I did last time with Layla, but life is a little busier. I do still want to record what’s going on with me and how this pregnancy is going. In case you didn’t see on social media, Baby Scott #2 is a BOY!!!


We are so excited! We truly would have been SO happy with either gender; it will be fun to have one of each though and see how different boys and girls truly are!

What’s Going On with Baby?

Our little man is about the size of a spaghetti squash and weighed about a pound according to our ultrasound which was 3 weeks ago. He’s a fully formed little guy–tasting, touching, hearing–so precious! He moves around a lot too! We think we have a name picked out too! (We’ll be keeping it a secret though until he arrives.)

What’s Going On with Mama?

I’ve been feeling pretty good or as at least as well as can be expected. I still need extra sleep and sometimes get over-zealous and thus worn down. I’m up multiple times a night going to the bathroom and have been having more back pain this time around, but nothing too terrible at all.  I had been doing Piyo up till a week or so go when it started to feel uncomfortable so I’m taking a break and just walking or doing other low impact cardio and a few light hand weights. My food goal is to pick healthy snacks, eat 6 fruits/veggies a day, and drink lots of water.

baby 5 months

At our ultrasound we found out that I have a partial placenta previa, which means instead of being near the top of my uterus my placenta is down near the bottom (where the baby will eventually need to be!). Because of this I will go in for another ultrasound next week to see if the placenta has moved. I’ve also been on “pelvic rest” aka no sex and been asked to avoid lifting heavy things or otherwise straining myself. The thought is these activities can contribute to heavy bleeding and preterm labor which is never a good thing, but especially bad if the placenta is in the way of the babies “escape route”. While we are praying that the placenta moves on it’s own before the third trimester (my midwife is fairly confident it will), I know that God will give us grace for whatever is before us and I’m trying to not borrow trouble before it is here. (aka staying away from Google! 😉 )

Anything Else? 

I am really focusing on enjoying the Christmas season and making memories with Layla right now. I love how she is growing and understanding more and more everyday!  We talk often about the baby and her being a big sister, but she doesn’t really get it fully. Although I am anxious for our little one to arrive safely I want to cherish this time with just Layla.


Her face looks terrified! She is loving on lots of baby dolls right now.

We are excited for our son to join our family in the spring! Being pregnant is not my favorite thing but we are so grateful for the beautiful children God has given us!

Have a great weekend!

Did you find out the gender of your children? Do/did you tell your names or keep them a secret or wait to pick one till they arrived?


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  1. I feel the same way – excited about having a boy and a girl. Yes, we’ve picked out a name for our little girl, but we aren’t telling either. I feel like finding out the gender and telling was plenty. Names can wait until the baby is here. I’ll be praying your placenta moves on its own so there are no complications! Enjoy this Christmas season, being pregnant again!

    1. Yes! It’s fun to have at least one element of surprise around the birth! Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy this special time too. 🙂

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