Baby and Toddler Valentine Gifts

Valentine’s Day is a great chance to add some excitement and fun to the middle of a bleak winter. I used to not be a fan of the holiday, but now I’m all about anything that makes the long winter, spent mostly inside with a baby or toddler,  more bearable! So I’m a Valentine’s convert. I’m cutting out paper hearts and sugar cookies with the best of them. After all, LOVE is an amazing thing to celebrate!

Last year I was kind of stumped on what to get Layla for Valentine’s Day. It’s close to her birthday and Christmas is pretty recent, but I still wanted to do a little something to celebrate with her! I ended up buying her new hairbows, socks, and a coloring book. It wasn’t much, less than $10 total,  but it was cheerful and FUN and made an ordinary day in February a bit more special. Valentine's Baby and Toddler Gifts - great ideas for clothes, toys, books, and hand-on fun with little ones for Valentine's Day!

This year I’ve compiled a quick list of some of my favorite options for Baby and Toddler Valentine’s Gifts. Most of these gifts come in around the $10 price point and many are purposefully NOT Valentine’s branded so you can get more play out of them!


Darling Valentine’s Day Outfits for your sweet little gentleman, or precious little princess ballerina!

Baby Bow Ties – Ah-dorable! Valentine’s Day is a fun excuse to get some extra cute baby items!

Baby Girl Bow Headband – We can’t forget the bows for the girls! The bigger the better! I also love these turban style headbands!! So presh!

Also, last year I picked up some extra socks (in pink and red) for Layla and added it to her Valentine’s presents. So consider anything you need that could also be included as a gift like dress shoes or a new hat or pair of gloves (I hope I’m not the only one midwinter wondering where ALL THE GLOVES have gone!).



where is baby's valentine

Where is Baby’s Valentine? — Love this from the author of Where is Baby’s Belly Button!

Huggy Kissy – This author cracks me up and Layla loves to quote her books!

How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You? – Perfect for your toddlers working on kindness and being loving. *cough*mykid*cough* The illustrations in the series are very entertaining!

Words to Love By – This books seems SO sweet and perfect for teaching little lessons like the power of words!

There’s never a bad time to give a book!


This Valentine’s Day Playset is so perfectly adorable! Each piece sqeaks, jingles, or crinkles for extra sensory and tactile development!

Melissa and Doug Puzzles – We love Layla’s Melissa and Doug puzzles and they have stood up well to wear and tear in our house. I’m quite partial to this little fishbowl (perfect for little hands) and this chunky safari puzzle.

Red Sports Car – This also comes in pink! Layla got one for Christmas in her stocking and loves “zooming” it around the house.

Cute and cuddly stuffed animals like this adorable penguin are always great too! Look for ones with interesting texture for babies!



lacing beads

Foam Hearts  – Tots of all sizes will enjoy picking out hearts and doilies to create sweet Valentines! We know you might be doing all the work mama, but aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents will ALL love their own special creation!

Bathtime Markers – These make bath time so much fun and kids love permission to scribble on the tub walls! While they do wash off, I will say our tub has never looked so clean thanks to the extra cleaning post tub time (it’s not much, but it’s more than I, ashamedly, normally scrub my tub).

Large Lacing Beads – Although this product is recommended for over age three, the “beads” are really large spheres so they don’t pose a choking hazard. Little ones will enjoy their bright colors and exploring them with their hands/mouths, older toddlers can sort them into shapes and colors, and of course string them together!

Valentine’s Day Coloring Book – I have the regular version of this coloring book and the thick lines make it amazing for little ones learning to color and create! We’ve JUST now filled up ours and I think we’ll add this to our stack of coloring books!

Crafting together and being creative is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Check out my Valentine’s Pinterest Board for more fun ideas!

Valentine's gift guide for babies and toddlers

I love that these gifts are all no-hassle thanks to Amazon! If you’re not a prime member yet, JUST DO IT! The 2-day shipping makes my life SO easy and has totally spoiled regular shipping for me. Sign up HERE and get your first 30 days for free!! Prime membership includes prime video, music, pantry items, subscribe and save, and borrowing kindle books for free!

Bottom line: You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to create fun Valentine’s memories! This list has been so much fun for me to create! I love blessing the little people I love with adorable, fun, and hands-on gifts!!

How do you celebrate Valentines Day?

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  1. I really want to get the boys some bathtub markers or crayons but I’m terrified they’d color on something else in the bathroom and it not come off. My 5 year old has been know to color all over the school bus window and seat with a crayon and also colored in his glasses with a Sharpie. The 3 year old is simply a copy cat. Boys!

    1. Haha! Layla is in a huge coloring obsession we’ve lost a few books and she’s colored a little on our bookcases (which are cheap, old and it didn’t really bother me, except for the fact she did it.) She’s good about only coloring in the tub with the markers, but she only gets like two a tub time. I’m sure a 5 year old could be much sneakier with them though! 😉

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