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I received a Phil & Teds Sport Stroller in exchange for my honest review. As always all opinions are my own. 

In March I posted about my Phil & Teds Sport stroller and how I was using it with Layla for brisk walking and light jogging while pregnant. One of the awesome things about this stroller is that it is designed to be an in-line stroller for two kids and has a ton of configuration options. Now that I am about 8 weeks postpartum with my little man I have been able to utilize a lot more of the options that this stroller has…here are the 4 options I have used the most as I get back to fitness with two kids.

Option 1:


One seat light jogging stroller – With it’s lock-in-place front wheel the Sport stroller works great for a single jogger. I can just pop Layla in and away we go. This is not a true running stroller, but for our build back into it runs/walks it works perfectly.  I don’t have one yet, but you can add on a cup and snack holder for both the adult and child which is great for longer walks and when you need someplace to stash your keys and water bottle.

Option 2:

phil and teds sport stroller double review

Carseat adapter – I call this the “toddler independence” option for when Layla wants to ride her skooter, bike or just walk I can easily click in a carseat adapter and my Graco Click Connect carseat locks into place for Barrett. This is great for children who aren’t big enough yet for the regular seat and you can look down on your sweet little one’s face while you walk or jog. The handlebar break release has come in very handy when I need to quickly stop the stroller and redirect Layla. (Aka keep her from running into the street or someone’s yard.)

Option 3:

Double seat in front + baby flat behind – This is a great combo for walking with a baby and toddler. Layla has the double kit on the front clipped in with the 5 point harness and Barrett is tucked into the regular seat which with a couple zips and clips lays completely flat. I’ve had so many people comment on how clever this setup is! I angle Barrett’s head nearest my legs and while things are a little tight down by his legs he seems to like it just fine and I don’t struggle with my stride at all. It’s also great to have a spot where Layla can see out and enjoy our walks, but is still completely strapped in and contained.

Phil & Teds Sport Double Infant

Option 4:

Double seat in rear – This will most likely be our sweet spot when Barrett is a bit bigger and more stable with his head and neck. The double seat clicks in behind and below the regular seat. This is a great option for two kids closer in age and definitely why I was interested in this stroller to begin with…two kids with the all terrain tires and jogging capability but without the bulk of a double-wide stroller.

Phil & Teds Double Stroller for fitness postpartum. I'm using the many options of the Phil & Teds Sport stroller to get back to fitness with two kids. Perfect for busy moms who want to get moving!

All together the Phil & Teds Sport Stroller offers 26 riding options and comes in an array of bright and peppy colors. I love all the options for walking and jogging as I get back into my regular workout routine postpartum. I’m trying to get at least 8,000 steps a day (10,000 is awesome!) to help me burn extra calories and having a versatile stroller is a huge part of that. It is great to have OPTIONS when it comes to moving more with my little ones!

You can order the Phil and Teds Sport Stroller on Amazon too! Got to love the convenience!

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How did you get active postpartum? Do you have a jogging stroller? 

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  1. Hey Kate! This is Ashley (sweep pea from camp, married to lucky charms). I was just wondering if you still love this stroller since your kids are a little bit older now.

    1. Hey girl! I should probably do an update post since I lot of the ways we use this have now changed. 😀 Now that they are older we do the regular seat above and the add-on seat attached below. It still works well when they both need to ride, Layla just takes the front seat (or we let her choose) and Barrett is cool chilling in the back. This works fine for me for walking, but I wouldn’t want to try jogging in anything but the single seat position, just too much for your knees to bump into. I think we will keep this and continue using it, especially with baby #3 coming. When the youngest starts to “have a voice” and protest being in the back I may see if I can resell this and get a BOB double jogger. I do really love the smaller footprint of this stroller, but I think at that point (maybe youngest 15-18 months depending on size) the side by side would be better for their comfort. I really don’t like to run with a stroller, I’d rather wait and run on my own or get up early to run, but especially if you’re looking to train for something I’d say look for a “real” running stroller, but for walks and just being around this is great! It also folds up well and we normally store it in the back of our van with the different accessories so I can pop on or off the extra seat as we need it. Sorry that was a book! The resale value of this stroller is pretty good, so I feel like we will definitely get our worth out of it (with three kids!) and will be able to resell it for a good used price as well. Hope that helps! Kim Heavey originally recommended it to me and I know they’ve had theirs for 7-8 years and it is still going strong!

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