Battle Creek Farmers Market

So we went to the Battle Creek Farmers Market this Saturday on our Farmers’ Market tour of the greater Kalamazoo area. We’ve already been to the Richland and Kalamazoo markets so we wanted to check out the one in Battle Creek. Nate and I went there once a couple years ago…but it had been a long time.

Battle Creek Farmers' Market

The Battle Creek Farmers Market is located downtown near McCamley Street. I like that the parking was right there next to the market, super-handy. The market at Battle Creek was small, but you could definitely find what you were looking for–lots of sweet corn, peppers, zucchini, potatoes, peaches, and still some blueberries too.


Not to mention local honey, food, and baked goods.

Farmers' Market doughnut

We met up with our friends Matt and Hannah and their kids there. They had free face painting for kids which was fun!

Face painting!

We walked around for a bit,  but since it was small it didn’t take too long. Compared to the other two markets, I probably liked this one least. It was similar in size to the Richland one, but farther away so I don’t see us making it a regular occurrence unless we are meeting up with people. It WOULD be worth it to me to go to the Kalamazoo one, because there was so much variety and it was more like a big event.

And I thought I’ll let Layla show you what $5 got us….


Yup, that big watermelon! Plus we got 3 carrots, 3 zucchini, a stalk of celery, and another 2 green peppers for another $5. We are all local produced up!  I’ve got some big plans for the green peppers and zucchini–stay tuned for some recipes (hopefully, if they turn out!).

So that wraps up our little farmers’ market tour! It’s been fun!

What’s your favorite thing to cook with summer produce? 

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    1. Me too! Its such a fun way to get out of the house on Saturday morning that isn’t super-hectic. 🙂

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