Be the Difference – Make a Difference

Hello!  You’d have to live under a rock to not know that there was an election in the USA this week. I’m not a political person; I tried as much as possible this election to lay low in the social media frenzy that is the election.  People get all nasty and that’s not me.  But I do have my own passionate feelings and strong beliefs about where our country is headed and what we are doing about it.  Since this is my blog, I get to share them here! 😉

Here is what I want to say:

Be the difference – Make a difference.

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” –James 1:27

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” –Ghandi

Be the difference.

1850 Bold Steps shoes

Okay, you’re a republican all bummed out because Obama’s going usher in an age of fiscal irresponsibility, government funded healthcare and dark magic (not intended to be a racial pun); you voted (hopefully) and your team “lost”.  Stop whining about it.

If you want change start with your own economy.
Don’t blow your paycheck at target because you “needed” those boots, and the boot warmers, and the fancy hot chocolate and Women’s Health and Real Simple and Glamour. *ahem*

If you’re a democratic and you think health insurance is a basic right and “the system” isn’t moving fast enough, start investing in the best health insurance: good food and exercise. 

Take care of your stuff.  If you believe in woman’s reproductive rights, fine. But when you go to your boyfriends, you better be packing yourself a condom.  You want greener energy, fine. You better be recycling!  I’m really, really sick of 6 month political “experts” all over facebook and twitter blasting everyone but having nothing to back it up.  Be the kind of independent, proactive person that lives your beliefs or I really don’t want to hear it.

Make the difference.

All right you got all your own shiz figured out?  Lucky you!  How can you positively effect change where you are?  If you are pro-life I PROMISE you that sign in your yard isn’t changing anyone.
Go to your local pregnancy resource center and volunteer to counsel scared, desperate teenagers facing an unwanted pregnancy.

You know personal finances? Volunteer to teach low income families about budgeting or pay for a young person to take a class on personal finance.  (A Financial Peace University wedding gift was a life-changer for me and Nate!)

You care about the environment?  I had better see you volunteering at your local park, pulling weeds, mulching, and picking up trash out of the river. 

You think “the next generation is going to hell in a hand basket”? Lead a local 4-H club, Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, become a Big Brother/Big Sister, volunteer in schools, become a foster parent.
Are you passionate about the arts/pissed that your school board just cut funding to this area?  Teach free piano lessons for 1-2 kids or pay their membership fees for a theater group.

Think that all us Americans are a bunch of whiners, while the rest of the world lives in real poverty?  Go on an overseas mission trip.  Or better yet give up those lattes at Starbucks and make a donation to a reputable charity that is already there and truly helping those in need.

I’m truly impressed by those who are already running on mission..being the difference and making a difference.

Caitlin Boyle of Healthy Tipping Point is a democrat, feminist and I hugely respect her, even though we  have different political/social opinions.  She cares about women’s rights so she volunteers with Girls on the Run, teaching girls to love and respect themselves.

Jessica Miller is a friend of mine.  She’s incredibly caring, opinionated and passionate woman.  Sometimes she wonders what is wrong with the world, but she has chosen to right something within her reach; she and her husband are in the process of adopting two children from the foster care system. Did I mention she’s an Army wife?

Find your issue  I wish I could adopt the whole pound, clean up roadways, teach finances, lead health class, counsel teen moms, be a Girl Scout troupe leader all at once, but I can’t and nether can you.  Start with one change. 
Be the difference – make a difference.

Use a “hot button” issue to initiate personal change. 

Then find a way to give to that issue.

Comments?  Thoughts? 

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  1. I LOVE this post! Truer words have never been spoken! It is so easy to sit behind your computer and B*TCH, but it takes a passionate person to get up and be the difference. So inspiring!

  2. This is such a wonderful, important, fantastic and inspiring post – thank you so much Kate 🙂 I share your frustration at people getting up on soap boxes to tell everyone how to do things differently, or to complain about things being done badly, but not actually making any changes in their own lives. I know I don't do everything I 'could' do and I try to be honest with myself about it – no one is perfect and we can't expect everyone else to fix our problems / complaints if we won't make steps ourselves!

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