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Beginning the Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Today Nate and I officially start the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I’m excited about the healthy changes this is sparking (insider pun intended) and I wanted to share a bit about what it is and why we’re doing it. I’m actually kind of nervous to put this out there…probably because the ever-present perfectionist in me hates being vulnerable. But my personal hang-ups aside, we are doing it and I’m telling you! Lol!

Beginning the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge

About the Advocare 24 Day Challenge

So I started researching Advocare a couple weeks ago…Nate was actually the one who first said he wanted to do it, but I’m not sure he knew what he is getting into. 😉

You can read all about the 24 day challenge on this site: http://www.advocare.com/24daychallenge/

What I like about it is even though you use the products and supplements the big focus is on eating healthy, unprocessed food. Even the Cleanse phase is nothing crazy…no drinking cucumber juice…unless you like cucumber juice. 😛 It’s also something I can do while breastfeeding which is great. I read a lot about it before starting…a couple blog articles I read are:




It made me feel better that reputable bloggers have used it successfully and love it! It definitely doesn’t seem like a “magic weight loss solution”.  You have to do the work eating “clean”, but it seems like a good reset and kick-start when you need it. That’s pretty much what Nate and I both want from this– and that’s all I know at this point, since I’m only one day in!

My Goals

Well, I had this baby you see. And things aren’t the same….in so many good ways…but also in a wistful gaze at my pre-pregnancy clothes.  Over all my goal is to clean up my eating and see some inches and weight loss. (I actually haven’t weighed myself in months because our scale broke and I didn’t replace it till yesterday.) I also want to continue working out at least 5 days a week. I fill like I “waste” a lot of my hard work in the fitness area due to my loose eating and I want to change that! Ideally I’d like to lose close to 10 pounds and 7-8 inches. Getting closer to my pre-pegnancy jeans in the real goal though!


What We’re Eating

Monday: Turkey Meatloaf

Tuesday: Marinated grilled chicken (eliminating sugar)

Wednesday: Taco Soup (similar–there is no real recipe, just a dump and stir approach)

Thursday: Clean pulled pork (from 100 Days of Real Food Cookbook)

Friday: Italian Turkey Burgers

Saturday: Chili and whole wheat cornbread

As you can see as far as main dishes go we are eating a lot of things we normally eat just with little tweaks. You can check out more recipes that are Advocare-friendly (and clean eating approved!) on my Advocare Pinterest board. I’m referencing my 100 Days of Real Food Cookbook and the The 21-Day Sugar Detox book for lots of good, whole-food recipes as well.

Get Ya Sum

Also, I did sign up as a distributor because we actually saved money doing that. If you feel like you want to do the challenge along with us you can order it here: 24 Day Advocare Challenge.  (Mine came in 3 days.)  Also if you become a distributor you save 20% on products which is why we did it and there’s a tab on the site for that too. If you have questions I’ll try to answer them, but since I’ve never done it before it’s kind of the blind leading the blind. haha!

I’ll post an update after the Cleanse portion is over and then at the end, but don’t worry the blog isn’t going to become an Advocare Infomercial. 😀

Have you ever tried any Advocare products? Do you take any supplements? Ever done a cray-cray cleanse before?  


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