Bust Your Summer Fitness Excuses

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“It’s too hot.

“My allergies are crazy.”

“I’d love to but we are SO busy.”

Summer is a great time to increase your health and fitness game! It is a part of the natural rhythm of life…the long days draw you outdoors, you move more, you crave fresh produce, and splurge on raspberries and sweet corn.Bust Your Summer Excuses

But then you get caught up going from one thing to another and you grab fast food, then instead of playing with your kids you end up on the sideline watching them play, then ice cream sounds so good, and you’re pulling into Dairy Queen, and suddenly summer isn’t so healthy. So let’s bust your summer fitness excuses, okay!?

1. It’s hot. Yes, it is. I hate it when people say that like it’s a surprise. Summer is hot, winter is cold, this was covered in kindergarten, any other questions? Don’t let the heat get you down! The more time you spend in it, the more you get used to it. Stay hydrated by drinking water like it’s your job! If you are running or being active try to do those activities early or late in the day when it is cooler.

stay hydrated during summer activity


2. My allergies are crazy. My poor husband’s allergies are crazy all summer long! Poor guy! And while that seem like a good excuses to stay in and channel surf, there are great allergy medications that really help with clearing you up, like Zyrtec! I picked up this bottle at Walgreens and in no time at all Nate was reaching for it to help with his allergies. He also diffuses a blend of essential oils in his office to help him feel clearer, plus it smells good! Find a way that works for you to treat your allergies. See a specialist, try over the counter, or natural approaches, but be proactive about seeking relief. You may need to use the gym when things are at the worst for you, but try to use products that help you do all the fun summer things you love!

taking allergy meds before summer workouts


3. We are so busy. I totally understand this because summer is a crazy time for us living on a camp! It is easy to take on a ton of activities until summer is overcrowded and spent hopping from thing to thing, not leaving time to do your normal healthy eating and working out. Prioritize what “extras” you want to take on this summer: gardening, joining a softball team, being involved in VBS at church. I always find that less is more. Taking on less leaves me able to continue my normal fitnes routine, plan our healthy eats, plus room for spontaneous fun!

busting summer excuses: be active on vacation


4. I don’t want to get burnt. I remember one sunburn when I was a teenager that was so awful I could peel my skin from my wrist to my elbow. Gross! Those are my super fair girl problems and we put on sunscreen like crazy in our house! I have a can in the stroller, the car, and the house so it is always available. I like using the super-strong stuff for Layla, but this SPF 30 from Neutrogena should be perfect for when I’m running outside or taking Layla to the beach because I want a little summer glow.  Be smart about your skin and be prepared ahead of time. Also, reapplication is the name of the game!

put on that sunscreen

5. I’m on vacation! Yes, there are definite moments in the summer when you should indulge in your favorite treat! But those moments shouldn’t happen every day. Do stick to your clean and healthy eats 80% of the time, and then when it is vacation, treat yourself! I love going new places and trying new food when I’m on vacation! Last spring we went on vacation and I treated myself. We also walked a lot and were very active–I didn’t gain a pound! Be as active as you can and know that when you get back home you can kick back into your regular healthy habits.

walgreens healthy essentials



When I was at Walgreens picking up my healthy summer essentials I signed up for their rewards card and Balanced Rewards for healthy choices. Besides being able to virtually clip coupons from home, you can also earn reward points for walking, biking, running and your everyday activity! You can synch up a device or app to help you stay accountable and you can earn points by setting summer goals for yourself and acheiving them! Cool, right? I set a goal to run 5 miles a week. I’m excited to amp up my healthy living game this summer–no excuses! 

Tips to bust your summer excuses to live healthy

What are your summer goals? Won’t you join me– bust your excuses and choose to live an active summer using Walgreens Balanced Rewards?

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  1. I tend to be very active on trips as well, although I eat so much I can out-eat my activity. I have to be careful with that as my schedule includes several destination races this year.

    1. Yes, it does depends where you are and what you’re doing and how often you go on vacation. I didn’t track anything really while we were gone and I was a little nervous, but happy to see all our endless walking evened out all the dinners, drinks, and desserts. 🙂

  2. Just getting outdoors is my plan for this summer. I’m definitely going to need allergy medicine and sunscreen along with a few other essentials I can find at Walgreens! #client

    1. That’s a great plan! Any movement no matter how small adds up! I love my activity tracker because of that!

    1. Putting it in multiple places is key for me. I like having it in the car especially for that–and bugspray too! Ugh mosquitoes!

  3. Great post!! I am not using the hot excuse this year because every time I work out in the heat and I want to complain I think that I am moving to Tampa this summer where it is gonna be really hot.

    1. That’s so true! I loved exploring St Louis by foot with my husband but I was too nervous to venture out on my own for a run in a strange city, but I do love checking out a place by running it!

    1. It is a Christian family camp and conference center! So we do 9 weeks of family camp starting on Saturday! You can check it out at gulllake.org. It’s not a very rustic camp, so all the amenities of home plus all the awesomeness of camp! 🙂

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