Cereal That Won’t Leave You Starving

Good morning! As you may or may not realize I go on breakfast “kicks” where for months I eat the same thing over and over for breakfast. I had an addiction to green smoothies and then I was hot and heavy with oatmeal for almost a year. Now I am about 4 months into a fling with cold cereals. Yes, cold, from-the-box cereals. But this is no cheerios in a bowl sort of breakfast. Here are my secrets to delicious, non-boring cereal that won’t leave you starving a few hours later!


1. Combine cereals. Oh yeah, you didn’t think you were allowed to mix them did you? Well you can and their better that way. Just be sure you’re mixing two cereals that absorb milk in a similar fashion. This is also a good way to transition yourself from Lucky Charms to Fiber One—cause no one wants to make that jump cold turkey.

2. Aim for high protein cereals. Yes, Kashi is my main squeeze or rather off brand Kashi Go Lean from Aldi’s because it’s $2.69 not $3.69 and still has 13 grams of protein in a serving. Cheap cereal for the win. I also really love Barbara’s organic cereal too—it’s so good. It’s NOT cheap so it balances out with my off brand Kashi. Winking smile

delicious cereal choices

3. Add in fruit. Your cereal definitely needs some beautiful color! Add some sweet flavor and nutrients by topping your cereal with fruit. My favorite toppings are blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries (which are loaded with antioxidants), but I’m not afraid to put a peach or dried fruit on top every now and again too.

4. Sprinkle on some nuts. My favorite cereal topping nuts are almonds and walnuts (do you KNOW how good walnuts are for you? like totally awesome!). Both provide a nice crunch to cereal and healthy fats that will also help your cereal stick with you all morning, plus some added protein.

almond milk on cereal

5. Pour on the milk! I am over here, chowing down on my amazing almond milk, but really any type of milk is great on cereal—skim, goat, organic, coconut, 2%, almond—I won’t judge you. Get the best quality you can for your money and health needs.  (Why is there so much judgment in the world over milk? If you judge people’s milk please get a life. Also, if you judge my orange juice in below photo, you can jump off a bridge with the milk people—why do people hate on O.J? Sorry…anyways…)

cereal that won't leave you starving

So there it is—all my juicy secrets to crafting the perfect bowl of cold cereal. Take a little time and elevate your cereal to a healthier, more flavorful plain. It’s really so simple. And yum! Don’t you want some now?

What is your favorite kind of cereal?

Do you dress up your cereal in any way?

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  1. Thanks for the great cereal tips! I have been having trouble actually making myself eat breakfast lately so I might give this a try. I only recently started putting milk in my cereal. When I was a kid I hated it! I loved my bowl of dried fruit loops though! 🙂 Lately, when I do eat cereal it is a Meijer brand like special K with raspberry, strawberry and yogurt pieces.

  2. Such great tips! I will sometime stir protein powder of peanut flour into my cereal milk to amp it up. And I always add cinnamon… just because. 🙂

    Side note: What did you use to edit/add the banner to your first pic? I love it!

    1. My intense aversion to eggs makes me a cereal girl! But yeah, that’s why I add so nuts to my cereal and rock the Kashi since it has more protein–without it I’m starving by 10!

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