Does it seem like every day is a struggle just to get through?

I’ve totally been there!  Let’s spend the next 5 days chasing vibrance together!  You’ll get an encouraging email jam-packed with humor, authenticity, truth and accountability to help you LIVE your most abundant, joy-filled, intentional life TODAY!!

Does any of this sound familiar?


As I entered my thirties and had three kids in 3.5 years, I began to feel like I was just going through the motions…diaper change, dishes, kiss boo-boos, discipline, laundry, lather, rinse, repeat.  Existing, but not thriving… far from the energetic and purposeful mama I imagined I would be.

We were in survival mode and I felt like the sippy cup that got lost in the van for weeks with milk inside it. Things looked ok on the outside, but under the cap….well, that was a different, more gag-inducing story.

It all began to shift for me when I heard a little alien on a kid’s show chirp, “that lights me up!” You can read the whole story HERE. That little question began my intentional pursuit of joy in the everyday mundane moments.

What you get in this 5 day challenge


  • Relatable Truth — I’m not a perfect mom and you’ll get a window into my honest struggles and how I find joy and intention, even in the imperfect moments (and there are plenty of them!)
  • Action Steps — Each day you will have a personal challenge to accomplish to help you learn how to chase vibrance in your own life.  
  • Accountability — Be a part of the Chasing Vibrance Challenge group and share what your learning and see how others are growing too! 

Chase Vibrance in the mundane

I can’t wait to dive into what it means to live with joy and intention no matter what your circumstances! Your vibrant life awaits, friend!

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