Goal Planning Worksheet and Christmas Recap

Merry Christmas! We had such a fun Christmas with our babes.¬†Nate was off the 21-26th and it was amazing having him home and nothing on the agenda for so many days. A real Christmas break! On the 21st I turned 30. It wasn’t as enticing as they made it seem in 13 Going on 30, but I had a fun day baking Christmas cookies with Nate and Layla, some killer grilled cheese sandwiches, got some alone time at the library, and then ended the evening with a fantastic dinner at a local restaurant.mama-and-layla

We went to my parents on Christmas Eve for the day and then on Christmas day we were just home together as a family of four. Christmas was magical with Layla this year! She gets her love of Christmas from her mama! And our little Barrett had a pretty great first Christmas too. He’s such a doll baby. We opened gifts, had breakfast, went to church, came home, rested, ate snackies, and played with Christmas gifts. Our big present to Layla was a play kitchen! She totally loves it! Worth the 2+ hours it took to put together!


So we are nearing the end of 2016…which is weird because I still write 2010 on dates like a dummy. Or 2014. Or 1998. Or any date that isn’t so futuristic as 2017.

But as we move into the new year (whether or not you write it correctly) I like to take time to evaluate, to see how things went, how they could be better and really THINK about my life. It goes by so fast that we often just get caught up in doing-doing-doing. We can barely think about the HOW, let alone the WHY.

If you can in the next few days find some time to sit quietly, alone (I know a miraculous event if you’re a mom) and think about the past year. To get you going I included some questions I am asking myself this year in my Goal Planning Worksheet.Reflective Questions - Use to help plan goals for the new year and to evaluate past progress.


These questions will help me figure out where I’ve been and where I want to go.

It’s easy to get swept up in changing diapers, fixing dinner, and running to Target. But I’m not here to just suck air and eat groceries. I want to be intentional with my years, with my days.

If you want to walk through your year with purpose and vision, not just in fitness or eating healthy, but in a variety of areas of life sign up below to receive my printable Goal Planning Worksheet.

Like last year’s sheet it includes a page for writing out your goals, but this year I’ve included Reflective Questions and a spot for your word of the year! Hopefully the reflective questions help you to establish your priorities and evaluate all that has happened in your year.

2017 Goal Planning Sheet - Perfect for planning goals and resolutions for the new year!

Enjoy! I will be back early next week sharing my goals and plans for 2017 along with a tasty veggie recipe!

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