Making Apple Cider in Middlebury

Yesterday we drove down to northern Indiana to make cider and spend the day in Shipshewana. My family has pressed cider at the Miller’s Mill for a very long time….I don’t remember when we started going, probably when I was 8-10. We’d get up early and wait with our friends in line, eating doughnuts and drinking hot coca on early fall mornings.

This year was Layla’s first trip and we had a great time Making Apple Cider in Middlebury!

Layla's first cider trip - Making Apple Cider in Middlebury

The fall colors were beautiful! So vibrant against the gray skies.

Fall colors

I didn’t get a ton of pictures of the cider-making process, but if you’re interested there’s more details on last year’s cider-making trip! My mom’s apple trees had a late frost and then hail storm damage that meant she had no apples from them this year. Thank goodness she had her granddaughters there to console her this year. 😉 Mom with granddaughters My brother Josh, sister-in-law and her three girls, and my Grandpa all did cider-making together with us.

Making Apple Cider in Middlebury

The mill is so picturesque! After we finished making apple cider in Middlebury we did the customary Shipshewana stops: Yoder’s Meat Market (they have great prices on anti-biotic, hormone free beef, chicken, and pork–we stocked up!), Auction restaurant, E & S Sales (bulk food store–we loaded up on brown rice, oats, and other dry goods), and the Mercantile Building (Jojo’s pretzels are amazing! Plus my mom and I looked at fabric, her for a quilt and me for throw pillows).


A great day down in Indiana Making Apple Cider in Middlebury! The drive back along 131 the fall colors were absolutely stunning. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful corner of the world and blessed to share it with the people we love.

What are your family’s fall traditions? Do you like apple cider? 

What is your favorite season where you live? 

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